2009 dolls and tiny worlds too

In 2009 I made 74 dolls- 2 more then in 2008. I made 26 girls-


4 robots and 6 boys-


I finished 12 babies-


and 15 assorted grownups- including 7 tattooed ladies.


I went back to an old pattern to tweak it and write it up for publication- I ended up with 9 kitties and 2 bunnies.


I made 37 tiny worlds.


and here is #37, because 37 doesn’t fit into a mosaic-


I taught 3 tiny world workshops and look forward to teaching again this year. I figured out 3 patterns- one available for free, and two for sale. I am planning that my next pattern will be the bunny. I’d like it have it available in time for people to make one for Easter- so mid- February at the latest. I moved my studio. I sent my youngest off to college. I am proud of all I’ve accomplished this year. Onward to 2010!

22 thoughts on “2009 dolls and tiny worlds too

  1. Happy New Year Mimi! I can’t tell you how many ways receiving your blog has inspired my work and impacted my life this year. Thank you for being you and sharing what you do so well.

  2. Holy Moly!!
    So, by my calculations (which are often incorrect) you have created 118 creations, taught 3 workshops, relocated, shipped off one baby to college and crafted up a collection of patterns. You are one busy lady!!!

    My hubby bought me your schoolgirl with a pink skirt and green shawl for our 10th anniversary this year and I LOVE her!! Thank you!!!

    Keep up the prolific work!!! You have averaged an awesome creation every 3.093 days!! I am impressed!!!

  3. Happy New Year Molly,
    These montages make me think you should do a calendar with these
    images. I’d buy several, one to keep and a bunch to give to friends and
    colleagues. Good idea!!

  4. Loved this post. So often we are such taskmasters that we forget to pause every now and again to take stock and take some pride in our accomplishments. Once again, you’ve inspired me! Thanks for your blog and your work.

    Happy New Year!

  5. WOW!!! I hope putting this together made you proud…….what a BEAUTIFUL year you had!! Your creations are gorgeous. Thank you for adding more beauty to this world – we need it!

  6. Hi Mimi,

    Happy New Year! As it was last year, it is so much fun to see everything that you have created and accomplished. So inspiring! Hope to see you again this spring.

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  8. Happy New Year Mimi! I spotted this call for art and thought it was screaming out for your tiny world:

    Entry Deadline: January 20, 2010
    Armory Art Center, Florida, West Palm Beach
    Exhibition Dates: March 2–16, 2010

    Open to all craft media focusing on the theme of fun, wild ‘n wacky teapots, sugar & creamers, tea cups, sandwich plates, spoons, forks, knives and cake platters.


  9. Well… This is not new for you… But I think that your art is amazing and special, and beautiful, and perfact…
    I’m an Illustrator… And I think we have a similar interior world and ideas for characters sometimes…



    Ricardo Cavolo.

  10. what a joy to look over your year worth of amazing work. what an inspiration……. i just adore your work. please please please do not throw away the tattoo man legs from your spoonflower fabric> my mind is racing with an octopus concoction of some sort. i hope you find a fun use for them. may you have a productive 2010……… look forward to seeing what you create.

  11. Oh Mimi!

    My heart leaps when I see your creations! I particularly love your boys, girls and adults, but they’re all outrageously wonderful….

    Thank you for the free pattern and for the beautiful things you sell in your shop and post about online.

    May your 2010 be filled with many more creative adventures and lots of happy accidents.

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