planning what comes next

Here is a horrible photo of my booth in the midst of setting up-


The show was wonderful. The South End is always fun- knowledgeable customers, incredibly nice fellow vendors. As always, I met great people and came home exhausted but also inspired. And, I have 9 fewer dolls then on Friday morning when I started packing up (sold at the market and on Etsy).

Today was spent unpacking the car, listing dolls on Etsy, packing and shipping, storing my show supplies, making a small dent in the mess I’d made preparing last week. I need to get to work on my Christmas presents. First I have to clear a path through the mess in the studio though. And bake some cookies. And finish a few more dolls that never quite got done for the show. Tomorrow I will start on all that.

More planning- another Tiny World class. I’ve had several requests. Anyone interested? We could do it the last Saturday of January (1/30) or the last Saturday of February (2/27). If I get at least 4 people interested in one or both, I will write it on my calendar.  Details about the class here.

Lastly, today is my Mom’s birthday. She is 93- amazing. I have been thinking of her all day. There is nothing much I can do to celebrate- she is not local to me and she no longer knows who I am so no phone call.

8 thoughts on “planning what comes next

  1. Great news about your doll sales! Congratulations! What a wonderful way to end the year.

    I think you celebrate your mom every time you create something that was inspired by her fabrics or bits of trim. A lasting and wonderful legacy.

  2. I would love to take the class! however I’m on the west coast, you, the east … boo hoo for me.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom …

  3. I love Beth’s description of how you honor Mom. She would have appreciated that, and likely agreed with Beth’s assessment. Happy birthday, Mom :-D

  4. You are celebrating your Mom’s bday. In your Heart. Wow – you brought a tear. I had a grandma that didn’t remember me anymore. It’s hard.

  5. isn’t it simply the thought that counts? Deep down she feels the love around her, even if she doesn’t recognize the real person. I wish her a happy birthday and some good memories day to you too.
    not near to do the class- or i soooo would. shucks.

  6. Mimi your so lucky to still have your Mom even though she doesn’t remember you, she is still with you and you have had so many good years with her, and many memories for sure. Just remember the good times. I lost my Mom at 27 years old. I really envy those that had so many years with a loving Mother.
    Happy Holidays !

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