new bunny

Here is one of the things that didn’t quite get finished in time for the show last weekend.





I had him all ready to photograph with his blue vest and then decided he absolutely needed a bowtie. Yes, some of these dolls have very strong fashion preferences.

12 thoughts on “new bunny

  1. as it should be … the fashion preference, I mean! he’s very dapper in his blue vest and red bow tie! love him!

  2. Sweet tail. How beautiful and fanciful. Did you know that there is a 3-D movie version of Alice in Wonderland coming out in the late winter? I could see this fellow with a pocket watch!

  3. Bunny is adorable with such a sweet face.I love his blue vest, got to run Grandsons are here we have been doing gingerbread houses. Iam being paged for Breakfast with the Boys !
    Easter is right around the corner ! He’ll sell fast Mimi.

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