studio work

I’ve been working away at some dolls and also my studio. I am see some progress in getting the studio feeling right. Here are a few peaks-

When I decided to move my studio downstairs, I knew I wanted to do this-


I think of this as my internet connections altar and I posted a fully annotated version here on Flickr. These are all things that I have bought, traded, or been given, from people that I have “met” through the internet. Some of them I have also met in real life. It is a tangible display of the richness that the craft blog world has brought into my life. Sorry- gushing!

This is the pin-up board over my desk-


So many goodies, including a sweet little monster by Elsita. Yep, right next to one of my Peewee toys.

Today, I hung my ornament dolls from my display shelf. They are now flying over my desk.


And, some ladies in progress. I thought I’d get one of these finished today but instead got distracted by the organizing/puttering.


6 thoughts on “studio work

  1. Wow! I’m in the process of having my garage coverted into my workroom,now seeing you able to get your treasures up….oh the frustration at having to wait!Looking forward to seeing those little ladies finished.

  2. It looks like your studio is coming along nicely. Such wonderful vignettes to rest your eyes upon. Ah, and I see that you too have enjoyed the wonders of flying KLM – your little blue/white house. We have a teeny tiny mantel and it supports about a dozen of them as well.

  3. How fun to see I made the board!!! Jeez, I haven’t picked up a needle in thread in well over a year! Sorry I’ve been missing in action over here. New directions I guess have lead me to other places–You, are still doing amazing things I see and your studio is looking quite scrumptious!
    Glad to see all is well over here.

  4. What an inspiration! I love the schoolhouse look to the doors of your studio. I have a whole pile of “internet connections” inspiration that it waiting to be hung, and the bare walls beckoning. I’m hoping it will be this January that it gets done, finally.

  5. It’s so fun to see your collection/altar. I recognize quite a few, some things that I have as well. It makes me think that I need to get you something of mine to add.

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