meet-up and first doll of 2010

The first (of many, I hope) meet-up was this morning. It was fantastic!


There were 6 of us. Liz, Louise, Betsy, Kerry, Crystal, and me. It was exactly what I’d hoped for- we yakked away about google stats, changes at Etsy, shows in the area, blogging and Twittering… the kind of talk that has a very limited audience in my life.  And after 1 1/2 hours of talking, we all trooped down to the Goodwill and did some thrift store shopping.  It was so much fun! Next meet-up, Feb. 10. Everyone is welcome. If you feel funny about coming into a group of people who know each other, email me and we can have a pre-meet-up meet-up or just get acquainted by email.


And, the first doll of 2010. How apt is it that it is a baby? This little one was all ready to be appliqued- all the pieces cut out and pinned on, but I never got to it before Christmas.





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  1. Sorry- I should have repeated that! 2nd Wednesday at 10am, Starbucks in Davis Sq., Somerville, MA. There is parking and subway.

  2. Loved the meet up Mimi! Thanks so much for arranging that, and for the cards, buttons and the sewing info :) I had a great time, will try to make the next one. Would love to meet more new people too! The new Doll is a LOVE!

  3. I cannot believe I forgot about this! So sad to have missed it. I have put the next date in my calendar and will be there! Glad to hear you are on your way to finding a long arm person for that gorgeous quilt!

    Take care

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  5. That was really fun yesterday Mimi. Great to be around other artisans and artists. Thank you for pulling us together.

    I love your first dollie of 2010 :-)

    See you on Feb.10th! Louise

  6. I love the new doll—starting off the year right! i only wish i was close to visit….i too blab on and on to closed ears and non bloggy/websity understanding honey. poor guy, poor me. :) you are lucky!

  7. I am so impressed by your doll, your group and totally inspired to attend your next meeting on Feb 10th! If that’s ok with everyone…

  8. Wishing I was back in my ole stomping grounds so I could come! If I ever get back to MA in the summer, let’s hook up!
    Say hi to Crystal for me next time!

  9. Every time you post a picture with you holding one of those babies, I’m reminded of how much my little boy loves my ironing ham. Just the right size and shape for a 3-year old’s baby! Only yours are BEAUTIFUL!

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