and the fabric

I started out with a clear picture of what I wanted and “needed” (ha ha!)

I bought a variety of stripes.

And then I got distracted- fabric sensory overload! Who could resist???

paper dolls-

red ridinghood-

it was the embroidery on this one that drew me in-

don’t ask me what I will do with this- I just couldn’t leave without it!

The red and white polka dots probably fall into the sensible purchase category. The other 2, 60s/70s graphics, not so much.

and there is more, but these are the highlights. Some fabrics were in bags where there was something I couldn’t resist and other bits that I am not interested in. So, it might be a good thing if next year I had my OWN table at fabric-a-brac!

On an entirely different subject, I listened to this podcast on RadioLab about face blindness. I fond it fascinating, especially how these 2 intelligent and successful men have dealt with their disability in completely different ways. I think the discussion would be interesting for anyone who deals with learning disabilities and/or the people with them.

10 thoughts on “and the fabric

  1. Thanks to your post, I went too! It was like going thru my mom’s own sewing closet. I found some great red trim, red denim with a bit of stretch, a 18″doll pattern for a girl scout uniform (for my junior girl scout) and some various fabrics for my own softie making. Thanks again Mimi, but I may need to join you as a vendor with my own collection next year! Everyone friendly and very fun.

  2. Boy, Mimi, I am so sorry that I couldn’t get up enough energy to drive to Northboro on Saturday. You got some great stuff and from what I hear, a great time was had by all.

  3. Mimi! I saw someone at the swimming pool yesterday who looked like one of your tattooed men come to life. Grey mustache, tanned, shaved (or bald?) head, tattoos on his sholders and chest, broad across the chest, and he was wearing short boxer-style swimming trunks that had vertical green-and-white awning stripes!

  4. I have so enjoyed exploring your site…looking at your work, your links, and the great stuff you got at the stash sale! It kept me from my own sewing machine too long. I’ve also linked you on my blog.

  5. Oh, so sorry that I was not in MA for this! What fabulous finds you made. Love the fabric with the mice — it would make wonderful tote bag. Somewhere in my stash I have some of that fabric with the blue and yellow berries….

  6. Oh my! I love these fabrics!! waht finds they are, the stripes are wonderfull ( I need the red and pink) I adore the red ridinghood pattern and wouldn`t the coffeecan make a wonderfull accesoiry when cut out and stuffed?
    I am green with envy! Enjoy your shopping spoils!

  7. Are some of those feedsacks? I love to find them at thrift stores, but I can’t bear to cut into them!

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