what happened to June?!

wow- I just realized that I will have gone a month without posting a new doll. What a crazy month! It is not that I haven’t been working.

Sage (my intern) and I have been working on a big pile of girls. We’ve got ten going. When I get home from Paris, these are going to get finished up. I also was working on a project that is one of those fun things that I can’t tell you about quite yet… actually, just having a project that I can’t mention is a thrill in itself! And, of course, there has been all my Paris prep. I am making myself a few new skirts and shirts. Hopefully I will actually finish them before we leave tomorrow.

If you are interested, here is the google map I am making with all the interesting suggestions people have made. I sure I won’t get to everything, but I have a lot to choose from.

And the garden is thriving. I’ve got my tomatoes in, using my containers, but this year I tried lining them with corrugated cardboard before stretching the t-shirts. So far, so good.

I am growing Carbons, Pink Brandywine, Copia, Bonny Best, Opalka, and Isis Candy.

Well, see you in Paris!

7 thoughts on “what happened to June?!

  1. Paris?! What the??? June has gone by, hasn’t it? Today was my first post in a month and then I realized, holy toledo I haven’t even read the “news” from Blogovia.
    Have a great time, you lucky girl.
    Candace, Still in Athens (Georgia, that is)

  2. What happened to June? that’s what I want to know! it just flew by …
    have a great trip to Paris! what fun!!!

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