knitting nostalgia

and some crochet.

I was putting all the winter blankets away today and decided to pull everything out of the blanket box to have a look. And give the box a once over with the vacuum before putting everything back, away for the summer. At the bottom were all the kid knits. Sigh.

Baby hats and a pair of mittens-

2 knit hats, 2 crochet hats.

Baby sweaters- Eleanor wore both of these and the boys probably did too.

and another- this one was Peter’s coat-

A little guernsey sweater (maybe size 4 yrs?) with  an orange stain and some wool pants- all 3 wore these.

I made this skirt for Eleanor while she and Julian were sick with Chicken pox. I knew I’d be stuck at home with them so I wanted a fun project. Eleanor wore this skirt a lot.

2 vests. Peter was the only one who would wear them.

and 4 granny square blankets. The one on the left was Julian’s baby blanket. The other 3 were made by my husband’s grandmother (I think) who I never met. They are doll blankets- one is a rectangle, 2 are squares. The smallest one, on top, is about 16″ square. I always loved the old ones.

And lastly, out came an old vest of mine. I wore this a lot and really liked it. I am not sure why I saved it though- it is full of holes. I am going to try felting it to see if it is worth trying to use for something else.

I don’t knit much anymore. It makes my hands sore. On to other adventures. Sorry about the bad photos- I was snapping them on the bed so little bits of floor and quilt seemed impossible to keep out of the photos.

13 thoughts on “knitting nostalgia

  1. Delightful items, full of wonderful, poignant memories. The hats and gloves would look wonderful framed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Who knew you weree such a master knitter?? Wonderful – I love Peter’s little coat – adorable!! Such great stuff that hopefully can be passed along. :)

  3. It’s so fun to see these children’s clothes from the past and see how you’ve evolved into making dolls and their clothes. The connection in style and palette is striking!

  4. Find, strong work. Plenty of color.

    I won’t compost the doll blanket my grandmother made, not yet. That’s what I do to precious knits, etc. that find no takers but I must let go. They break down and . . .

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. love the little tidbits you added about who wore what, etc. thanks a million for sharing. do you have grandchildren yet?

  6. I love them all. Wow. Thank you for showing those to us. I have hand knits. I keep adding to my collection but very slowly.

  7. HI Mimi,
    Thank you for the walk through Paris, geese why is all the really great fabric so far away? I am new to Yahoo group and my web-site may go defunct, I think it was a great idea but premature. I only have one e-book to sell, the site started out at 40.00 a month , then 100.00 and finally 150.00 , because of the special way I was selling the e-book , really long story. I learned a lot-I’m not ready for the store.
    I love your dolls, some ideas are simple, but I would have never thought of it or put the look together the way you have.
    Your too Cool, Leanne

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