An Update now that it is a New Year!

Happy 2024! Wow, I haven’t been here in a long time. Lots of things happening.

The best thing is that I got a studio in the same building as our apartment which someday, hopefully, we will be moving into 😂 Here is a video of the studio space from when I first first got it in mid-November.

It doesn’t look anything like that now! I will catch up in the next week. I’ve got to get myself back in the habit.

Here is a photo of the de-orange-ifying!

2021 review

2021 turned out to be a pretty good year for me in my studio. I continue to sell mostly online (through my Etsy shop and direct messaging on Instagram and Facebook) but doing 2 in-person shows was inspiring. Here is my yearly review. I made 24 tiny world pincushions. And thank you to the friends who gave me some beautiful cups this year!

Tiny World 1, 2. Tiny World 2, 3. Woodsy Tiny World 3, 4. Woodsy Tiny World 4, 5. Tiny World Pincushion 5, 6. Tiny World Pincushion 6, 7. Tiny World Flowery House, 8. Tiny World Flowery Houses, 9. More Flowery Tiny Worlds, 10. More Flowery Tiny Worlds, 11. Mushroom Pincushion, 12. flickr mushroom pincushion – 2, 13. flickr mushroom pincushion – 1, 14. lighthouse pincushion, 15. lighthouse pincushion, 16. Blue and White Tiny World 1, 17. Blue and White Tiny World 2, 18. Tiny World with Primroses, 19. Cabin in the Woods Tiny World, 20. Tiny Sheep Farm 1, 21. Tiny Sheep Farm 2, 22. Tiny World Flower Garden cup, 23. Tiny World Fern cup, 24. Tiny World Blue Willow cup

I made lots of new men including Lumberjacks (3), Greenmen (2), Sailors (3), Pirates, Farmers, Men in old-fashioned bathing suits, and of course Mermen.

Beefy Ginger Lumberjack, 2. Lumberjack 2 of 2021, 3. Lumberjack with George Washington Tattoo, 4. Star pants, Skeleton tattoos, 5. Blond Man with Skeleton Tattoos, 6. Ahoy- It’s a Pirate!, 7. Tattooed Big man- Yellow Pants, 8. Chinoiserie Tattoos, 9. Lady-on-his-chest tattoo, 10. Tattooed Man with top knot, 11. Swirly Red hair, 12. Sailor Man, 13. Red Hair and Skeletons, 14. Another Sailor Man, 15. Blond Sailor Doll, 16. Purple Hair Man

Man in a Bathing Suit, 2. Man in a bathing suit 2, 3. Man in a Red Striped Bathing Suit, 4. Man in green striped bathing suit, 5. Big Man in a Bathing suit, 6. Farmer 1, 7. Blond Farmer, 8. Greenman, 9. Greenman 2, 10. Farmer with Vegetable Tattoos, 11. Tattooed Man in Stripes, 12. Man with hunting tattoos, 13. Pirate with skeleton tattoos, 14. Big Tattooed Man, 15. Green-Haired Merman, 16. Green Merman

Yes, 15 mermen!

Blue Merman, 2. Red-haired Merman with Skeletons, 3. Purple Merman, 4. Merman with Classic Tattoos, 5. Merman with Seashell Hair, 6. BIG Merman, 7. Merman (and Mermaid), 8. Merman in December, 9. Merman with Whale Tattoos, 10. More Whale Tattoos Merman, 11. Purple Merman, 12. Brown Merman with twisty beard

One more merman pic, then 18 tattooed ladies (that might be the most I’ve ever made in a year!), and some swaddled babies.

Merman with kelp beard, 2. Tattooed Lady, 3. Tattooed Lady 2, 4. tattooed lady 3, 5. tattooed lady 4, 6. Green Lady, 7. Polka Dots and Stripes Tattooed Lady, 8. So many ladies!, 9. Snow Crone, 10. tattooed Blond lady, 11. Flowers in her hair, 12. ed Hair and Skeleton Tattoos, 13. Red-Haired Tattooed Lady, 14. Lady with Skeleton Tattoos, 15. Christmas Tattoo Lady, 16. Big Hair Tattooed Lady, 17. Tattooed lady- white hair, tutu, skeletons, 18. Tattooed Lady doll, 19. Green Lady 2, 20. Swaddled Baby purple and Yellow, 21. Bright and Beautiful Flower Baby, 22. Butterfly Baby 1, 23. Butterfly Baby 2, 24. Bird Baby

Lots and lots of fish- 29 in all.

Red Wool fish pillow 1, 2. Red Wool fish pillow 2, 3. 2 Blue Sweater Fish Pillow, 4. Yellow Green Fish, 5. Orange-Yellow Fish, 6. Blue Fish woth russet, 7. Blue Fish with yellow, 8. 2 Light Blue Fish Pillows, 9. 2 More Blue Fish, 10. 2 Green Fish Pillows, 11. 2 Red Fish Pillows, 12. 2 purple-red fish pillows, 13. Last 3 Fish, 14. Last 3 Fish, 15. Two Blue Fish pillow dolls, 16. 2 Orange Plaid Fish pillows

14 pillow ladies-

Two More fish, 2. 2 Yellow Fish Pillows, 3. Bluebird Lady Pillow doll, 4. City Lady Pillow Doll, 5. Cat Lady Pillow Doll, 6. Cat Lady 2, 7. Red Flowers and Yellow Birds, 8. Yellow Flower Pillow Lady, 9. Bright and Beautiful Flower Lady, 10. Butterfly Garden Lady, 11. Cat Lady Pillow Doll, 12. Butterfly Lady pillow doll, 13. Flower Lady Pillow doll, 14. Blue Flowers and Butterflies, 15. Garden Lady, 16. City Lady Pillow Doll

4 dogs and 14 owls-

Winter Girl Dog, 2. Detective Dog, 3. Shaggy-haired gardening dog, 4. Hiker Dog, 5. Gray Owl 1, 6. Gray Owl 2, 7. Gray Owl 3, 8. 2 Brown Owls, 9. Snowy Owl 1, 10. Snowy Owl 2, 11. Black Owl, 12. Grey Owl, so many patterns!, 13. Grey (plaid) Owl, 14. 2 more Brown Owls, 15. Rusty Brown Owl, 16. Brown Owl

That equals 129 dolls and 24 Tiny Worlds! I thought the number was 128 from my Flickr count but found I’d made an error in my numbers. Oh well, I’m not going back and editing them all!

I’m back to work- first up owls. I’m also working on some quilt projects. I will be doing my first in-person show of 2022 in March at Paradise City in Marlborough MA. Happy New Year everyone!

2020 dolls in review

I do a review every year although sometimes it happens a little late (like this year). What a crazy day- I was a bit reluctant to post this today with the high of the win in Georgia followed by the madness in Washington. But I will do it anyway because who knows what tomorrow will bring. And honestly, maybe posting about a crazy year is best done on a crazy day.

1. Tiny World Pincushion 2, 2. Tiny World Pincushion 1, 3. Tiny World pincushion 3, 4. Tiny World Fairy House pincushion, 5. Tiny World Fairy House pincushion, 6. Cabin in the Woods Tiny World pincushion, 7. Cabin in the Woods Tiny World pincushion, 8. Tiny World pincushion- Camping, 9. tropical island tiny world, 10. tropical island tiny world, 11. Rapunzel in her Tower Tiny World, 12. Rapunzel in her Tower Tiny World, 13. Lighthouse Pincushion, 14. Lighthouse Pincushion, 15. Manor house with Topiary Garden, 16. Manor house with Topiary Garden

I made 16 Tiny Worlds and 81 dolls. This is down quite a bit from other years but, you know, 2020.

I made 6 pugs and 9 hound dogs.

1. Pug in Plaid, 2. Fancy Pug in Aqua, 3. another fancy pug, 4. Pug in Pastels, 5. Pug in a Suit, 6. Tweedy Pug, 7. School girl puppy, 8. B & W dog in a folk dress, 9. Gardener Dog, 10. Mr Detective Dog, 11. Lady Pup goes to the beach, 12. Beach Boy Hound, 13. Another Gardening Dog, 14. Adventure Pup, 15. Herringbone Hound

I made 10 cats, 4 foxes, and 6 fish.

1. White Kitty, 2. Kitty Girl #2, 3. Kitty in Pink, 4. Black and White Kitty in Plaid, 5. Kitty in a mouse dress, 6. Fancy Tuxedo Cat, 7. Herringbone Kitty, 8. Black Kitty girl in Indian print dress, 9. White Kitty in a Party dress, 10. Outdoor Cat, 11. Fox in a Corduroy Jacket, 12. Big Night Out Fox, 13. Fox girl in a Liberty dress, 14. Fox girl in a daisy dress, 15. 2 Red Fish, 16. 2 Blue Fish

I made 7 Swaddled babies and a whole lot of men dolls!

1. Yellow fish and Green fish, 2. Bird Baby, 3. Bird Baby 2, 4. Blue Flower Baby, 5. Night Bird Baby, 6. Another Bird Baby, 7. Butterflies and Flowers Baby, 8. Orange and Green Folk Art Baby, 9. Big Tattooed Man, 10. Man #2- He’s got Skeletons, 11. Blond Tattooed Man Doll, 12. Tattooed man, white hair, 13. Man 5- more skeletons, 14. Pirate with Happy Skeletons, 15. Big Man with red hair, 16. Circus Big Man, 17. Fancy Man, 18. Green Man with Boar Hunt tattoo/toile, 19. Red-Haired Man in a Kilt, 20. Red Kilt and Cherub Tattoos

Above is 9 Tattooed men, 1 Green Man, and 2 men in kilts. Below is 22 Mermen and 5 Lumberjacks.

1. Blue Merman, 2. Green Merman doll, 3. Tropical Merman, 4. Blue Merman 2, 5. Merman with Blue Tail, 6. Merman with Vintage Laura Ashley tail, 7. Big Big Merman, 8. Blond Merman, 9. Blue Merman 3, 10. Red-haired Merman, 11. Merman with Battle Tattoos, 12. Merman 2, 13. Dark Merman with Skeletons, 14. Green Merman, 15. Blue Merman with Octopus(es), 16. Red Tail Merman, 17. Blue Merman, 18. Blue Merman for November, 19. Merman with Octopus Tattoos, 20. Blue Merman 12/1, 21. Merman with Beaded Belt, 22. Blue Merman 3, 23. Lumberjack 1, 24. Lumberjack in a Cowboy Shirt, 25. Blond Lumberjack, 26. Lumberjack in Red Plaid, 27. Big Man Lumberjack

I made a quilt at the start of the year.

I made a lot of masks for family and friends. Oh yes, and 150 scrub caps. I donated 100 caps to health providers (mostly nurses) in the Boston area. Then I sold a bunch on Etsy and donated the money to local causes helping people affected by the pandemic. It relieved some of the stress to feel like I was doing something to help.

I worked on some ornament patterns but my head wasn’t in the right space. This past year I needed meditative creative work, not painfully stretching my cognitive skills! Hopefully this year I can make it happen.

My business was all conducted online this year and I am grateful that I already have an online shop and all the social media set up and didn’t have to worry about that! I have been depending on the Post Office and so thankful that I can mostly get my packages picked up right at my door. This past Fall and up until now, the pressure on the Post Office (political and Covid) has been stressful; I think all my packages made it to their destinations by now? Most have taken at least 2 extra weeks.

So Yikes, what a year. I count my blessing that I have been relatively healthy and so has my family. I am hoping that life can return to a more normal in 2021 although I don’t count on that yet. Lets hear it for a better 2021! I have hope again!

These were my most “liked” posts on Instagram this year- always kind of interesting.

Past years- links to other yearly mosaics- 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

2019 round-up of things

Happy New Year’s Eve! Here is a round-up of the things I made this year!

I made 20 Tiny World pincushions.

12-31-review - 6

1. Tiny World Pincushion, 2. Tiny World Pincushion, 3. Tiny World Pincushion, 4. Snowy Tiny World Pincushion, 5. Barnyard Tiny World, 6. Night tiny world, 7. Tiny World Pincushion, 8. Tiny World Pincushion, 9. Lighthouse Tiny World pincushion, 10. Lighthouse Tiny World pincushion, 11. Castle pincushion, 12. Bluebell Pincushion, 13. Violet pincushion, 14. Snowy Hill tiny world pincushion, 15. Snowy Hill tiny world pincushion, 16. Tiny World Farm 2, 17. Tiny World Farm 1, 18. Tiny World Pincushion, 19. Tiny World Pincushion, 20. Cabin in the Woods Pincushion

I made 33 tattooed man dolls.

12-31-review - 3
1. Bald Lumberjack, 2. First doll of the year, 3. January Greenman, 4. Dancing Skeleton Tattoos, 5. Blue eyes, blue kilt, 6. Big Man, Red Kilt, 7. Big Man with Skeleton Horseman, 8. Man with Chinoiserie Tattoos, 9. Sepia Farmer, 10. Circus Man, 11. Big Circus Man, 12. White-haired Tattooed Man, 13. Blond Sailor Man, 14. tattoo man with mustache, 15. Farmer with a Mustache, 16. Tattoos, mustache, fancy hair, 17. Dancing skeleton tattoos, 18. Man with Goddess tattoos, 19. Angel Trumpeting on his chest, 20. Tattooed Man doll

12-31-review - 4
1. Japanese Merman, 2. Japanese Merman 2, 3. merman 3, 4. Merman 4, 5. merman with bright blue hair, 6. Summer Merman 1, 7. Big Merman 2, 8. Tropical Merman, 9. Merman 4- tropical island tattoos, 10. Merman 5, 11. Big Man Merman, 12. Greenman 1, 13. Greenman 2, 14. Fox with a newspaper, 15. Fox in a Squirrel Dress, 16. Fox in a fancy dress, 17. Bright Fashion Fox, 18. Forest Fox School Girl, 19. Fox Girl in a Fox Dress, 20. French Fox

The men included 3 Greenmen, 11 mermen, 1 lumberjack, 2 men in kilts, and a sailor. Then comes 7 foxes.

19 Big Lady pillow dolls. The last square in the grid is my top 9 post from Instagram. I needed an extra pic to fill out the grid.

12-31-review - 5

1. Poppy Lady Pillow Doll, 2. Windy Day Lady Pillow Doll, 3. Queen of Hearts Lady Pillow Doll, 4. Summer Garden Lady Pillow Doll, 5. City Birds Lady Pillow Doll, 6. Bird Lady Pillow Doll, 7. Folk Art Lady Pillow Doll, 8. Butterfly Lady, 9. cat lady pillow doll, 10. Bird Lady, 11. Flower Lady, 12. Cat Lady, 13. summer lady- birds and flowers, 14. Birds and Butterfly Lady, 15. Butterfly Lady, 16. Purple and Green, Lady Pillow Doll, 17. Cat Lady, 18. Blue Flower Lady, 19. Sky Lady Pillow Doll, 20. Top Nine

9 dogs and 6 Tattooed Ladies.

12-31-review - 9
1. Parisian Poodle, 2. Herringbone Dog, 3. School Girl Dog, 4. Pup in a doggie dress, 5. Dog Walker, 6. City Dog in Red Plaid, 7. Garden Lady Dog, 8. Dog Lady with Books, 9. Herringbone Dog, 10. tattoo lady 1, 11. Tattooed Lady 2, 12. Red Haired lady with skeletons, 13. Lady in Red, 14. Lady in Blue, 15. Lady #4

8 kitties and 8 girls.

12-31-review - 2

17 fish,

12-31-review - 7
1. Aqua Cable Fish, 2. Green Plaid Fish, 3. Blue Herringbone fish, 4. Orange plaid fish, 5. Red Fish with spots, 6. Fish- black, white, and yellow, 7. brown plaid fish, 8. fish- black, white, and red, 9. Green Fancy Fish, 10. Bright Fancy Fish, 11. Autumn fish, 12. Autumn fish, 13. Autumn fish, 14. More Autumn Fish, 15. More Autumn Fish, 16. More Autumn Fish, 17. Green Sweater fish, 18. Snowy Owl, 19. Snowy Owl, 20. 2 Gray Owls

and 23 owls.

12-31-review - 8
1. 2 Gray Owls, 2. grey owl, brown owl, 3. grey owl, brown owl, 4. Brown Plaid Owl, 5. Rusty Scruffy Owl, 6. 70’s Owl, 7. Textured Brown Owl, 8. Serious Brown Owl, 9. Grey Owl 2, 10. Grey Owl 1, 11. Grey Owl, 12. Grey Owl, 13. Grey Owl, 14. Plaid Owl, Fancy Wing, 15. Brown Owl with feathers, 16. Beige and Brown Owl, 17. Russet face Owl, 18. Rusty Brown Owl, 19. Shaggy Owl, 20. Fair Isle Owl

And here is a bigger version of my top 9 that you can actually see. These are the photos on my Instagram that got the most reaction but aren’t necessarily my favorites- faves would definitely have included some of the girl dolls.

12-31-review - 1

And a quilt!

12-31-review - 1 (1)I am shocked to see that I didn’t make any swaddled babies this year.

Here are some links to my most recent other yearly mosaics- 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Some photos from Child’s Play

The opening for Child’s Play was excellent. The artwork is amazing, I have some new favorite artists, and there were lots of interesting people to talk to. I hope you get a chance to see the show! Here is a video-

And some specific pieces that I really liked. The pieces by Peter Thibeault were the ones I would have taken home if I could have sneaked them out.

A clock-

11-25-childs play - 4

And here is a close-up-

11-25-childs play - 5

Mr.and Mrs. Potato Head by Carol Bugarin. All the “parts” are glass.

11-25-childs play - 6

Girl With Jump Rope by Michael Stasiuk

11-25-childs play - 7

These dinos (by Brett Kern) look like vinyl but are actually clay-

11-25-childs play - 1

And here are mine.

11-25-childs play - 2

There is lots of other great artwork but I somehow managed to miss photographing it. I will have to go back in a few weeks.

It’s time for the 2018 round-up!

It’s been a banner year for my doll-making- 166! That is a record for me!

I made 39 men- including 3 Green men, 8 Mermen, 2 Scotsmen in kilts, 6 Lumberjacks, and 1 Sailor. I’ve been focusing more on the different characters because they are more fun for me these days.

12-31-mosaics - 412-31-mosaics - 5

7 Tattooed Ladies and 10 Dogs.

12 Big Lady pillow dolls which I hadn’t made in a lot of years, and 12 Babies. The ladies and the babies go together in my head- both are about the wool applique.

12-31-mosaics - 1

7 Girls dolls and 29 Owls. I had fun with the girls but they were very labor-intensive. There will be more in 2019 though; I just sewed up a bunch. The owls were very popular at the shows I did and that is why I ended up making so many. Doing shows is all about having enough inventory.

12-31-mosaics - 3

17 foxes and 11 Kitties- I learned that B & W kitties are very popular.

12-31-mosaics - 2

And 21 Fish.

12-31-mosaics - 6


Not dolls, I also made 26 Tiny Worlds,

12-31-mosaics - 7

And a quilt!

12-31-mosaics - 1 (1)

It has been a very busy year for me. I know that a lot of the reason I ended up making so much was because of the shows I did- Smithsonian, ACC San Francisco, and Arts Providence. I am very inspired by a deadline.

Here are some links to my most recent other yearly mosaics- 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

San Francisco and other news

I’m doing all those other things in my life since returning from SF. Laundry, rearranging random piles, studio cleaning, correspondence, reading books, listening to podcasts, gardening a tiny bit between too much rain… but mostly I’ve been on the computer, listing dolls into my shop on Etsy. What a job! I am getting close to finishing: I still have the kitties and foxes but everything else is done. I am taking a doll making (finishing?) break until the end of August- now, let me see if I can stick to that!

Here is my SF booth-

This is what set-up looks like, with my husband helper ♥

8-18-sf - 1 (1)

And all set up-

8-18-sf - 1 (2)

I tried to upload my video but my blogging software didn’t like it. You can see it on Instagram here.

Thank you everyone who came by and said hi- it was the best!

We did other things in California too. We went to Santa Cruz and stayed a few days with my SIL. We went to the Monterey Aquarium which is incredibly beautiful but very crowded which can make me jumpy.

8-18-sf - 1

An exhibit about tentacled beasts- very cool!

8-18-sf - 2

8-18-sf - 3We ate deep-fried artichoke hearts from a food truck in Castroville, the “Artichoke Center of the World”! (Their PR not mine!) We watched surfers falling down. We enjoyed cool dry air. We saw some REALLY BIG trees. There is no way I know how to capture the size in a photo.

8-18-sf - 4

So many things on my to-do list that are calling my name. One thing is that I have to send my computer to the shop soon and it’ll be away for a week or so. That might effect who knows what but fair warning. Hope everyone is having a good summer!


Snowy Owl and the Smithsonian Craft Show

I’m back at home and my to-do list is long! I have to catch up posting all the dolls I finished before the show. The last owl was a snowy owl. And, btw, all the owls found new homes!

4-27-owls 10 - 1

4-27-owls 10 - 3

4-27-owls 10 - 2

The Smithsonian Craft Show was amazing! It was such an honor to be part of this event. Here is a photo looking down on my booth from the 2nd floor.

5-1-smithsonian - 1

And here is a front view from the first day of the show.

5-1-smithsonian - 2

By Sunday, my booth was looking a lot different. I am learning that the tattooed people are not big sellers at the fine craft shows but everything else was popular. I was filling the spaces with whatever I could. I am going to have to get busy to fill my inventory and shop again. I am lucky to have that “problem”!