that tower

I do love it.

The Tuilleries-

From the top of the Musee les Arts Decoratifs-

At a random bus stop-

The top of LaFayette department store, in the rain-

and a few other things. I love the car with the trailer-

Tour de France in a toy store window-

and really, this made me laugh-

3 thoughts on “that tower

  1. And (as the guide on my bateau mouche tour said about twenty years ago) why hide it…? Lovely tower, stunning city. Were you allowed to take pictures inside the Musee les Arts Deoratifs?

  2. I love the Tour de France window! Great photos.
    I also wanted to let you know I wrote about you on my blog and hope thats ok. I’m making your Purl Bee felt doll. Thanks a bunch for that tutorial.

  3. Hi Mimi! :)
    Could you suggest me books or magazines about doll making?? Like I told you on my email, I’d love to take classes with you… but this is imposible right now :) So I thought that maybe there are good books or magazines that I could buy online to learn something.
    A big hug!!!

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