Oh-Em-Gee! I finished one!

It is a girl with mermaids!

And, the Heather Ross fabrics are out again.

Back of the pinafore- button and sash.

A double underskirt with ruffles at the hems.

I’m out of practice. I took her outside and took a number of photos, but couldn’t choose the one I liked best. This one shows her hair the most clearly.

I like the pose of this one.

And I like the color contrast on this one.

Any opinions?

This was my studio, mid-afternoon. She was finished but I put her in the window to look at and be sure. There are 2 more girls on the desk, waiting for their dresses.

15 thoughts on “Oh-Em-Gee! I finished one!

  1. I -love- those fabrics with the octopi!!!
    how DO you find such incredible things?
    much jealousy emanating from Chicago

  2. Just search Heather Ross fabric on Etsy (look in supplies) and you will find it. I love her fabric designs!

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  4. I like the photo of her in the window–perched up high, bossing you around as you work in your studio. Lovely gal. Fun to see your work!

  5. oh she is gorgeous! I especially love the photo of her on the step with her hands on her knees….so sweet. Well done Mimi….look forward to seeing the other ladies!

  6. This is my absolute favourite doll since the second skinned-knee girl (who now belongs to me!). The colours are beautiful. I’m in love.
    Is she going to be for sale?

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