good-bye Sage!

Yesterday was the last day that Sage, my intern, worked with me. Since June, we got loads of work done, went on field trips, I made her take home bags full of supplies that I didn’t want, we listened to podcasts and discussed, and generally yakkity-yakked the summer away. Have a great senior year Sage!

And about the owls. Could I have made a MORE ambiguous survey? Obviously I should have lined them up in the number order for the photo. Also, I should have mentioned which owls were #1 and #2. I mean I did on Flickr but not on my blog. Thank you husband Ben for pointing out that little problem. Anyway, I will be sending one off today (not tellin’) and will let you know when there is more info about the show. I appreciate all your input!

5 thoughts on “good-bye Sage!

  1. I’m going to miss you so much! Really, I had the amazing time being your intern. What could be more fun than spending your summer making dolls?

  2. Well done and good luck to Sage! No further organization or explanation is needed to register my vote for favorite owl — only one has the frown and I love him best!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your owls…….they are All great. I can see you both had a blast this summer.
    Good luck to Sage, and to you Mimi with your Renegade show!

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