good-bye Sage!

Yesterday was the last day that Sage, my intern, worked with me. Since June, we got loads of work done, went on field trips, I made her take home bags full of supplies that I didn’t want, we listened to podcasts and discussed, and generally yakkity-yakked the summer away. Have a great senior year Sage!

And about the owls. Could I have made a MORE ambiguous survey? Obviously I should have lined them up in the number order for the photo. Also, I should have mentioned which owls were #1 and #2. I mean I did on Flickr but not on my blog. Thank you husband Ben for pointing out that little problem. Anyway, I will be sending one off today (not tellin’) and will let you know when there is more info about the show. I appreciate all your input!

giveaway and internship

Everything I am working on needs blue lately. I did a morning of dyeing when the weather was truely miserable, one day last week.

My birthday is coming up at the end of the week- Saturday. So…. I had so much fun last year, I decided to do another birthday giveaway. Just leave me a Happy Birthday on any of the posts between now and Saturday and you are entered. I am not going to make it hard for anybody.

I made this needlebook for the prize-

Actually, I turned a piece of applique that I’d already done into a needlebook. I might find some other prizes before Saturday. If I do, I’ll post them.

Another bit of business- I am looking for an intern if there is anybody in the Boston area who might be interested. I have contacted MassArt, but figured I mention it here too. Email me if you are interested- mimik(at)pobox(dot)com.