cleaning up

and a few other things.

I got an idea that if I raised the bottom shelf about 4 inches, I could actually fit another row of bins on the floor. Once it had occurred to me, it was the itch that had to be scratched.

Yikes- easier thought then done. Firstly, moving the individual shelves on these metal wire shelf units is no easy task- especially alone. And, I think it hadn’t really sunk in, how much stuff I have on that thing. Oh well, it was time to take everything off and go through it all anyway.

Here we are, shelves rearranged and bins starting to go back on.

I have been going back and forth- sorting and putting away until I am bored and then over to hand-sewing the edge binding on the quilt. Both are moving forward! Here is how things look this evening-

I just have a little left to go on the binding. Both desks are beginning to reappear. I have found many, many partially finished dolls- certainly more then I remember having. I’ve re-found fabric that I now have the perfect use for. Still a ways to go on the cleaning but I have made great progress.

Also, I took my Bernina 930 in for a spa treatment-  you know, a tune-up, and am using my Bernina Nova. What a great little machine it is. And speaking of machines… my son wants a sewing machine. I have one that I thought about giving him, but I have heard many tales of woe about shipping sewing machines- they just don’t like it. He lives in the Minneapolis area. Does anyone have suggestions for a place that sells good used sewing machines in the Twin Cities? I saw a perfect Bernette when I took my machine in today and would have loved to get that for him- but of course I would still have the shipping problem. Thanks for any help!

one more thing- Classes in October. I will be teaching my Fresh Fish during this Art Weekend that looks like so much fun! It would be great if you could join in the fun! Also, Tiny World Pincushion on Oct. 30  at my house- there is still space if you are interested. Check out the class link for details.

5 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. Re: shipping a machine. I had a Bernina 830 shipped internationally by DHL – absolutely no problem. So it can be done. If you can get one with the original packing (I think this is vital) and have it shipped fragile by UPS or Fedex etc, it should work fine. Cheers, Mara

  2. Mimi, Arthur bought my last 2 used Vikings off EBay. They arrived all boxed up and fine. I haven’t had any problems with either of them. Where did you take your machine in for it’s tune-up? Lyn

  3. I love it when you share pictures of your studio. It’s like looking at the roots of your art.

  4. Mimi,

    You are a wealth of creative talent! I was so impressed with your daring effort to cut apart, quilt, and reattach your amazing quilt (love the colors and japanese motif) from the last post.
    Thanks for sharing your studio…….you are inspiring me to organize and weed out my own stash of fabric and projects. I’m really looking forward to the Tiny World workshop in October!

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