14 thoughts on “woohoo! It is finished!

  1. Wow!! Love love LOVE! the front, the japanese hokusai style is beautiful and just looks like a plaid to snuggle under whilst sitting on your porch in your japanese garden (wish I had one)

  2. Yummy! Wow!!!! It’s amazing, and it is amazing on both sides! I was thinking about gift wrapping cloths today, and how very ecological they are. To use and reuse that beautiful little square, passing it around again and again…hooray. We visited Japan about 12 years ago and I was fascinated to watch the care which went into wrapping a purchase in a department store. I have been eyeing my pile of beautiful Japanese fabrics and thinking of making my daughter a pocketbook. love, Beth

  3. Mimi: Just sent your request for a sewing machine repair person in Minn. My Niece Heather she lives in Savage Mn right outside of Minn. she will hopefully enjoy your site she is quite talanted herself. And have a good answer for you.

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