Renegade report

phew, am I tired. Bone weary. The making things part of the blog is going to be quiet for a while. Renegade Chicago was amazing. I only wish I could stand in my booth and meet all the incredibly wonderful people who come in  and also walk around and meet all the fantastic other vendors.

Here is the photo report- my daughter took a bunch of these photos- Thanks Eleanor!

Saturday morning, setting up in the rain.

Wet, rainy street.

But lots of people came.

Packing up at the end of Saturday-

Sunday was a Beautiful day! It got so busy that there were no more photos.

And, the rest of the news. I didn’t win the Hoot! contest. Bummer. But, if you are interested in any of the owls, they are available here.  My list of project for the next month includes make the Owl pattern. Hopefully that will make it happen!

7 thoughts on “Renegade report

  1. never realise how big your dolls actually are, sometimes it could be good to have something to give some scale in your photos.

  2. Hello! I am very glad to find your blog!
    I really like your dolls! They are unusual, such typical! And of course, I want to say about that little puppet-men who create.
    Thank you for your work:)
    I’m curious how you come to such images.
    Anastasia. Russia.

  3. what?? you didn’t win?? you were ahead by a nice percentage when i voted…bummer…but you’re the winner in my book too.

    your booth looks great mimi!! i was actually thinking of making the 8 hour drive to surprise you, but alas…my senses spoke clearly to me and i put that idea out of my head.

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