What’s Going on Mimi?

It’s summer and it is hot here in Boston. Time for an update.

Things are slow in my studio these days and there is a reason for that. Husband and I will be moving to Chicago next Spring (tentative schedule) now that my 3 kids are all there. It is time for us to sort through all the stuff. We have lived in this house for 34 years and there is a LOT. I am spending less time in my studio and more time culling. Even when I am sewing, my brain is busy thinking about this near future. It has been very distracting. I will be doing the November Paradise City Show, but there is nothing else on the schedule. When the New Year starts, I will probably being packing up my studio. I have no idea at this point when I will be getting back to work but obviously will let everyone know.

Of course now that we will be leaving Boston, I have a bunch of someday items that I want to check off my list. The first one happened this week! We took the ferry to Provincetown and spent a few days. It was so much fun!

Now it’s time to get these kitties dressed. It is very hot here and my studio has got the AC so that will help inspire me 😁

Chicago trip

Setting up on Saturday morning.

View from the front.

9:14:renegade 2

And view from inside.

9:14:renegade 3

It was a fantastic weekend- Thank You so Much to all the people that came out and said hello! Unfortunately I am usually completely distracted and afterwards wish I’d asked for a business card or something. Just know I appreciate everyone who visits!

I got home on Tuesday evening and went straight to the studio to get back to work. I am in flat-out work mode, getting ready for Crafty Bastards in less than 2 weeks- Yikes!

Chicago Renegade booth

above was Saturday, below Sunday. I put the back wall up on Sunday so it looks a little different.

This was the Saturday wall display.

And more goodies in a cloth basket. All those fish have found new homes!

And this is how I changed the wall around for Sunday.

And the table display-

I have almost finished putting everything in my shop that didn’t sell. Hopefully I will get that done in the next few days.

Thanks to every one that came out to say hello!

more traveling

This is my Renegade booth on the second day (Sunday). I always like to rearrange things and see if something else seems to catch everyone’s notice. (usually yes!)

After the market I had 1 1/2 days of down time and I wandered around the neighborhood where my daughter lives. Look what I found- a shop where people can buy their outfits for Octoberfest!

And a most fantastic deli- look at all the sausages!

There was also a store with Nutcrackers and carved wooden folk figures but unfortunately it was closed. Something to look forward to visit next time. I got home on Tuesday night.

Then, on Thursday evening, my husband and I headed out again- this time for a real little vacation. Hmm, going away with no work-related ulterior motive- what a good idea! It has been a very long time since that happened. Our first stop was the Shelburne Museum. I had such a good time when I visited a few months ago that Ben wanted to see too. And, that meant I not only got to see some favorite things again, but also check out many exhibits that I missed last time. Even the parking lot is lovely!

I’ll just post a few pics- here is an amazing Jaquard loom-

See what it is set up to weave? Amazing!

And I am now taking a lot more notice of these figures since doing my Staffordshire project. These figures are large- maybe 14″ high?

From there, we drove to Montreal. That will be for tomorrow.

the Chicago report

I had a fantastic trip- Thank you Chicago! I feel like I am still glowing from all the Midwest Love! People really did tell me that they read my blog and know my work- I’m glad I asked in that last post. I loved meeting everyone!

I flew out on Thursday and got to visit the workplace of my daughter. It was fun to see where she spends her days. We went to the taping of Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me.

Yes, Paula Poundstone is just as funny as I thought she’d be; actually funnier. The strange part of the evening- the man who sat next to me on the flight out from Boston? Boy was I surprised when he walked out on the stage…

It was Charlie Pierce. Weird.

On Friday I was featured in the RedEye, a Chicago free newspaper. WooHoo!

I had to go find myself a copy on the way to picking up the rental car. Besides that I spent the day doing errands, petting my daughters’ kitty, taking a nap. I was feeling vacation-y. Then on Saturday, we were up at dawn and running all day. And what a day it was! Eleanor (daughter) helped me all weekend and also documented the weekend- Thanks E!

This is one of the boxes I sent out to Chicago- ready to unpack.

Renegade was scheduled to start at 11am but people were all around the whole time we were setting up and were seriously looking by around 10:30 am. A little before 11, a very nice person came into my booth, we chatted for a while and then she introduced herself- do you recognize her?

Mary Engelbreit! Yep- I’m starstruck! That started the day out very nicely.

A little later-

Eleanor kept taking pics when I was eating- eeps! Here is the big picture-

I will post some more tomorrow- enough excitement for now, right?!




more from Chicago

I arrived in Chicago on Thursday afternoon and my daughter and I went to a taping of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. It was really funny and I always love seeing the side of things that doesn’t show in the finished product. Like the retakes. And the snarky off-tape remarks.

Here we are- Eleanor showed me how to take the standard Facebook photo… hmm, how tired do I look?

On Friday, we had a car and spent the day doing errands. One errand was to stop in at the Renegade Handmade shop to give them some paper work. What a fantastic shop! I saw artwork by some of my favorite artists- Kate Savage of feltidermy fame, who also stopped by my booth on Saturday. Great to meet you in person Kate!  Cotton Monster, and paper puppets by Pin Pals.  I was very tempted by this one and probably would have bought it if I had been there on Monday instead of Friday- wasn’t thinking too clearly at the time!

Look at all the beautiful Renegade Market posters-

I had a chance to check out the Hoot! show, although it wasn’t completely set up yet when I was there. I was very impressed by all the entries that I saw and very happy to be included in the group. It is a great show- go see it  if you have a chance.

And, there was a wine company doing their marketing at Renegade Market on Saturday. They had some guys dressed up for the part. I made these 2 fellows pose for me.

Love the Stripes!

Renegade report

phew, am I tired. Bone weary. The making things part of the blog is going to be quiet for a while. Renegade Chicago was amazing. I only wish I could stand in my booth and meet all the incredibly wonderful people who come in  and also walk around and meet all the fantastic other vendors.

Here is the photo report- my daughter took a bunch of these photos- Thanks Eleanor!

Saturday morning, setting up in the rain.

Wet, rainy street.

But lots of people came.

Packing up at the end of Saturday-

Sunday was a Beautiful day! It got so busy that there were no more photos.

And, the rest of the news. I didn’t win the Hoot! contest. Bummer. But, if you are interested in any of the owls, they are available here.  My list of project for the next month includes make the Owl pattern. Hopefully that will make it happen!

trip report 2

We left Ithaca and we drove to Chicago for another event. 675 miles- 12 plus hours in the car… what a day. But, once I was there, I had a chance to meet up with Jan of Be*mused who has just recently landed in town. What fun that was! We planned to meet at the Bean and so I had my husband come with me to take a photo- I knew we’d one.

He asked me how long I would be with Jan and I said- I’m not sure but I have a feeling we have a LOT in common. We went and saw a show at the Chicago Cultural Center of the work of Tony Fitzpatrick. Amazing work- so inspiring. I could see applications for quilting, embroidery, collage, so much. I had never seen his work before… it has stuck in my brain.

Then we went off to have lunch… Wow- did we talk! For almost 3 hours! And, I can honestly say we hardly scratched the surface. I know I will be back to Chicago. Now I can’t wait. Hopefully Jan will find the perfect new house soon. I am looking forward to a studio visit.

Well, nothing else on the trip really lived up to that visit. I kept thinking (and talking) about all we’d discussed for days afterwards. I think my husband might have been getting a bit tired of my enthusiasm?

Anyway- some other photos.