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First an announcement! Tomorrow, Wednesday October 13 is Crafty biz meet-up day at Diesel Cafe in Davis Sq., Somerville.  All are welcome. Contact me if you need more info or want to be informed of future meet-ups.

My personal economy  has improved a bit lately and I have treated myself to some sewing presents.  I re-subscribed to Selvedge magazine. My first copy showed up the other day. I had a subscription a few years ago and I’m happy to be getting it again. It is a beautiful magazine.

Next I bought a new pair of scissors- 5″ Ginghers

I love them. They are the perfect size for cutting out applique pieces and clipping curves. If you saw how many pairs of scissors I already own (many of them originally from my mom), you’d be wondering why in the world I needed another pair. But, even though I have so many, there is just a few that I ever use. I became much more aware of that when I was working with my intern this summer. So, it turns out that I own a lot of decorative scissors and just a few functioning ones. I am very happy with with this gift to me.

And, I got my machine serviced. We are both happier now!

No more chunk, chunk, chunk noises when I sew. The tension is looking good too. I had a list of problems when I took it in and I have forgotten what they were- that is a good sign. When I was at the shop to pick up my trusty friend, I remembered that I’ve been wanting an extender table for my machine- like this. I am waiting for it to come in so I can pick it up.

And lastly, some new needles. I know, it seems like such a small item, but really, good needles make such a difference! I ordered them from The Colonial Needle Company.

I am trying out the small size Chenille needles (#24 and 26) with crewel wool. So far (they just came today), I really like them. I have been a fan of John James needles for a while, but my local store stopped carrying them so I was happy to find another source. Good tools are such a pleasure.

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  1. We all benefit from your excellent tools – I’m looking forward to seeing what you make next with them :D

  2. John James are my favorite beading needles as well. I don’t have the extender for my machine, but I know a few folks who do and they wouldn’t be without it. Perhaps I should get one too! Going to check out your magazine link now.

  3. Great new stuff! My dad raised me to buy the best tools and supplies I could afford. He insisted you can’t make good art if you are held back by what you are working with. See you tomorrow!

  4. i got a nifty extender table a few years ago and i LOVE it. and i have admired selvedge from afar, and just learned that they have reduced the postage rate to the USA…so…maybe i’ll indulge?

    good tools make such a difference.

    have a fun meet up, mimi!

  5. Hi Mimi,
    Getting new tools is so exciting! That’s what I remember the most about begging a new school year.
    I wrote a note about your dolls on my new blog. I hope you like it.
    Have a nice week!


  6. John James needles have been my absolute favorites for years. Now that you’re all restocked on new tools, we’ll look forward to more delightful dolls! :-)

  7. I love your site! found you by accident, and took your santa picture. Hope that is ok? I’ll send you the link if you like (I have three sites and it’s on one of the others). I love dolls for some bizarre reason — attended a doll making class at the waldorf school years ago.

    I want to learn how to make dolls as adorable and interesting as yours!

  8. Do you have any buttonhole scissors? Those things fascinate me. Great if you have to cut a lot. Really evenly. Was just reading elsewhere about chenille needles, as it happens, so will investigate those – thank you.

    Selvedge is brilliant! I meant to subscribe with the sweetener package available to V&A Quilts expo visitors, but think I’m probably too late. But I’ll add it to the Christmas wish-list, with a big old dig in the ribs to my DH. ;)

  9. OMG thanks for that link to selvedge! its new to me. i ordered a 6 month subscription. wish it was here NOW!

  10. Heather Watkins HirschOctober 13, 2010 at 5:59pm
    Re: RE : question and No subject post
    Our Aunti Pat in Owatonna (no her house was not flooded but she has some great pictures) sent this info for you:
    “I don’t know where in Minnesota she wants to find a dealer, but the one I’ve been using………and found to be very fair and great to deal with is Dave Gratz; Gratz Sewing, 10100 6th Ave N STE 123, Plymouth, Mn. 55441-6378 Phone: 763-595-0610
    It’s a bit of a drive for me from here……..but well worth the trip. Will not go back to the Viking dealers in the area.
    Hope this helps………..”

  11. Mimi, where do you take your machine for service? Sorry I missed Wednesday. I was waiting for the repair man, who should be more accurately titled the Appliance Post-Mortem Man, since, once again, the word was that repairing the appliance (washing machine this time) would cost as much as replacing it. Could have used that meet-up lift!

  12. I took my machine to the sewing machine store in Davis Sq., Somerville- The man was nice, it took a week. The machine is running great! It cost $150. A friend who lives in western Mass just got her Bernina serviced- same thing- for $80. All depends on the neighborhood!

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