in progress…

This is one of those weeks where there is a lot going on and not much gets finished in my studio. I’ve got things started- things that I hope will move forward with short periods of focus. There are 9 babies started-

After I’d cut them out and sewed them up, I realized that I only had one roll of wool stuffing left (2 1/2 lbs). Uh-oh! I had to call up and order more stuffing, first thing on Monday morning.

And,  a pile of fish. My idea was to sew them together and then I could trim them, turn them and stuff them as I sit around with family over the next week or so. My daughter has arrived today and as of this evening, I have them trimmed and turned.

So, between the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, the extra people in the house, I am hoping to get a little bit of work done and not feel too crazy by next Monday.

5 thoughts on “in progress…

  1. Your work is beautiful-I always enjoy your updates. Best wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving.

  2. Mimi dearest – I just sent you some boxes full of wool stuffing on Saturday. They should arrive soon! Rebecca

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