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the owls are piling up as I work on the pattern.

And, we got another 8 inches of snow this morning. I’m glad I don’t need to commute anywhere.

btw- I am trying to figure out a good name for my owl pattern- all suggestions will be considered! And, if I use your idea in any way, I will send you a free pattern when it is done.

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  1. Mimi, your family of owls will be a … “parliament!” An elegant moniker for your diverse group of birds. I’m finishing up a teacup pincushion for my mother-in-law and hope to post to your Flickr group soon. I’m enjoying your dolls, animals, and other textile creations, and sharing the link to your site with my crafty friends. Thank you!

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  3. A wise old owl lived in an oak
    The more he saw the less he spoke
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

  4. Your wonderful “Woolly Winter Owls” reminded me of some pictures I took last summer of baby owls in our old duck box. I found them and posted. With your eight new inches of snow you might enjoy seeing some green from last summer!

  5. Good suggestions so far!!

    We thought maybe “Oliver Owls” (said quickly … “all of her owls”).

  6. How about: Wisely, the woolly owl. Or, Screech – your owls remind me of the Eastern Screech owls in the woods behind my home.

  7. Oh, coming in rather late here but how about ‘Give a hoot!’ or ‘Elegant FOWLs’ (a reference to the owl in Lear’s The Owl & the Pussy Cat’). Or, if you want a really literary allusion, Shelley wrote about Coleridge as ‘a hooded eagle among blinking owls’, so ‘blinking owls’ might be nice (though ‘unblinking owls’ might be more appropriate) and that would make you Coleridge. You fine with that? ;) Can’t wait to see the finished pattern, though I’m still on the fish…

  8. I’m loving all the suggestions you’ve gotten, but especially ‘Parliament’. Sounds very regal for your owls! Can’t wait for the pattern and are you putting the owls you have made in your shop?

  9. Well owls are supposed to be smart…so why not Professor….or how about Flight….or Streak or Streek ot Beaker :)

  10. How about Noctus after the father owl’s name in the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (Based on the books by Kathryn Lasky). I loved the movie and the beautiful images of the owls. And Noctus seems somehow fitting for your owls. The latin name for owl is also Noctua.

  11. Mimi, There are some great suggestions already, but here are some more:

    M.K. Owlery/M.K. OWLery : if your pattern will show multiple variations of the pattern. Owelry:” an abode or haunt of owls”, or as in Harry Potter, “the room at the top of Hogwart’s castle (like your studio!) where the school’s owls and owls belonging to students live during the school year”

    Or how about: Owl My Love!
    You are working on the pattern at the perfect time of year…..maybe you could release it on Valentines day as a moment for all your owl loving fans to look forward to! Owl love it!

  12. Some wonderful ideas posted already! I showed them to my husband and he said how about Hootie.
    We love your owls, especially the stern looking ones. Thank you for making me smile. :)

  13. oh, I’m really looking forward to the pattern and the made Owls. I wanted one from the last batch, but didn’t get to them quick enough!

  14. I love the name Tweed mentioned by Cathy. My own suggestion would be something like :
    Friend for Night or
    Nighttime Friend.
    Fine Feathered Friend
    A Serious Hoot

    Hope you figure out the pattern, good luck! They look wonderfull.

    P.s. the dutch name voor Owl is Uil :D

  15. What a brilliant lot of suggestions! I’m returning for another go as I have this feeling you need to convey the slightly disgruntled and affronted character that you’ve achieved with these owls, so the defensive ‘Twit Who?’ just occurred to me.

    I also like the tweedy theme, plus the use of parliament (the owl collective noun), so would vote for their inclusion, maybe as ‘parliament of tweed’ – but maybe that’s just being too clever.

    Shucks, naming is difficult. Hope you find the right moniker for these tweedy fowls. They are so cute.

  16. Lots of great suggestions ! Fun….& beautiful
    birds. A Parliament is the official term for a
    group of owls…
    Mimi’s Parliament ?

  17. Can’t get that commercial out of my head for tootsie roll pops with the owl….
    “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?” So a suggestion is Tootsie Pop Owl Pattern:)

    Also, because Bambi is a favorite with my two year old, I’ve heard “Wake up Friend Owl!” quite a few times. So there’s another cute idea. Friend Owl Pattern

  18. Now I can see how big the owl’s are! Beautiful! We do’nt have any snow at the moment in The Netherlands.. It’s dark en raining at the moment.

  19. Only me! Would ‘Woot!’ be a possibility? As in ‘Wow! Owl loot!’ contracted. And I should add WOLlace to that WOLter suggestion. WOLlace & WOLter…, like Gilbert & George, but with added tweediness.

    I’m realising that I know not one but two scatological jokes about owls which are really most unsuitable for sharing here. So, I guess I really have nothing left to offer. This has been fun. ;)

  20. Love the owls “Who-do’s”.The boy owls could be” le who” and the girls” la who” I’m taking a French course , the le & la are the male and female” en francaise”. In French the owl is ” hibou”. I check your site from time to time and always enjoy. I made three dolls for three little nieces in Texas , from your free online pattern and they were thrilled….so was I!.
    Keep up the wonderful work ..the world can be a happier place.

  21. How about ‘Sagacity’ (another word for wisdom) or even ‘Sagacious’. Both sound suitably proud and haughty. Sounds like something T S Eliot might have come up with in Old Possum’s Book of Cats.

    Or how about ‘Owlish’ (to be like an owl). Ah, see someone has already suggested ‘Owlish’ – sorry.

  22. I often visit your web site from France (in Normandy). and i would like to say “bravo” for your works.
    Sorry for my english. There was a long time since i write in english…
    for your owl pattern, my suggestion is “hibou du bois joli” . what means “owl from the nice wood”…
    Good continuation !

  23. How about “Give a Hoot”
    “Night Owls”
    or “Hoot N’ Mimi” ?

    “Oliver Tweed Owl”
    “Woodland Owl”

    In any case I love your owls.

    Nadine K.

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