tiny world class

I’ve got a Tiny World class scheduled for April 30 and there is still space. I would love it if you could join in the fun. All the info is here, but these are the basics. You bring a tea cup and than get to play with all my materials and tools. Like my scallop scissors and my endless variety of felt and wool. It is loads of fun!

12 thoughts on “tiny world class

  1. Mimi I would love to come to your Tiny World class if I were closer than Kansas City…LOVING the mushroom houses!!

  2. I think the southern Oregon coast is a bit to far to travel. But it sure sounds like a great class. I wish I was closer!!!

  3. Wish you could do an online class. Can you? I’d sign up in a flash! I covet your Tiny Houses…

  4. Gosh, look at all of us wanna-be-in-your-class writers! Add me to that list, but I did purchase the pattern. So, really. There’s no excuse for me not to join in the fun, from afar!

  5. Here’s another vote for an online class! (Even if it’s not really an option!!) I would so love to be there in person…perhaps one day i shall have a private jet. ;)

  6. They look fabulos! and it sounds so exciting, I wish there were classes like that here in Devon (UK)

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