and one more boy kitty

the last one for now.

I sewed up this kitty last fall, but could not figure out what to do with him. I sewed his face and it turned out I could not move forward with it. When I started on this new set of kitties, I undid his face and started over. Now, I love him!

His bag and vest have snaps.

6 thoughts on “and one more boy kitty

  1. Mimi, love your stuff…I obsessed last year on finding sweaters to felt, and now with a change of life circumstance…divorce, daughter and grandchild moving in with me, extra work responsiblities, etc. I need to get rid of the felted stuff, if you are interested in seeing what I have, or will send me an address I will pack up a giant box and send the felt to you, I need more space in my house! And I hate to just throw all that felty goodness away.

  2. Mimi,
    He is fantastic! Is he made of tweed?
    Love my Spring time kitty. Will email you a pic of my two kitty friends together!

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