dorset buttons

We had great fun at my doll club yesterday- we made dorset buttons.

The pink one is mine- slightly off centered. The multi-colored wool one was made by Jean who was sitting next to me.

We used this tutorial by the amazing Sister Diane!

I thought I had some of these type of handmade buttons in my collection but I couldn’t find any. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t have them somewhere! I did find these buttons though-

The white button on the top right-hand side is the closest. It is made on a ring. The other button look like they were crocheted and they were all made on those forms in the middle of the pic. The top form looks like it is made of bone. The two lower ones are wood. Here are some close-ups-

If you are interested in making some yourself, I just googled “dorset buttons” to try to get some kind of history and discovered many tutorials.

11 thoughts on “dorset buttons

  1. Wow…they bring back memories. My mum taught me to make them when I was little. She was a tailoress by trade and she often made her own buttons out of various odds and ends. She used Dorset buttons on my sweaters:)

  2. I love Dorset buttons. How long did it take you to make yours, Mimi? Looks painstaking, though well worth the trouble.

  3. We make them in Sweden too. But here they are called “thread buttons”. I learned to make them at about 40 years ago. We didn’t use a plastic ring, but made a ring of thread around a finger. Happy to see them again!

  4. what wonderful buttons- I love the domed crocheted ones! I have always wanted to have a go at making dorset buttons myself – will have to make the effort after seeing these. thanks for sharing

  5. Some of the tutorials I saw when I googled “dorset buttons” showed them being made on wire. I guess there are probably a lot of variations!

  6. Ohhh! So that’s what those little wooden domes in my button collection are! I’m so glad I know that now.

    I see crotched buttons in my future . . .

  7. Hee hee, I just looked at the Dorset button tutorial and had another “a-ha moment” — now I know what those plastic rings that look like bone are for! I learned two things today :)

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