things were really different back then

I’m working away but nothing to post. Also, I’ve got some topics I’d like to write about but that will take a lot of time and I’m not in the mood. So, this is a pop-in post!

I’m taking apart some old shorts- isn’t this label amazing?!

These were from my parents. I thought I remembered my mom wearing them in the 60’s but the label makes me wonder if I am remembering wrong.

And, speaking of memories. My brother scanned a ton of old photos after my Dad died last summer. When I look at these, all I could think is- real life in the 50’s and 60’s was a lot different than tv or the movies.

Yep, pajamas on the line. My sister and I wore them later with the feet cut off. (mid-50’s)

Galoshes and snow pants. And a kite? I have no idea! (late 50’s)


Cotton bathing suits and not knit cotton either! (late 50’s)

And, VERY matchy-matchy! Not to mention, petticoats. (late 50’s)


Playsuits and pixie haircuts.(early 60’s)

Happy, productive and creative weekend everybody!



14 thoughts on “things were really different back then

  1. I was born probably a decade later than you (’63) but I was still wearing playsuits (which I LOVED – and which we were STILL wearing versions of for gym in highschool – which was the 70’s!) and I also remember Sunday wear was dresses, petticoats, gloves and reticule with a peppermint, a hanky and a quarter in them (for the offering), which my sisters and I wore sitting in a row in the pew not looking at each for fear of whispering/giggling and certain “punishment” (a glowering look from our father).

    My gosh – I love that this post of yours brought back such memories.

    And you know -I’m almost positive I’ve come across that exact same label!

  2. I’m laughing as I read this because I just wrote with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek, on FaceBook that the world of my childhood was indeed black and white with color only coming in as I started college (1963). You may not remember it the same as I do, as you’re a bit younger…… :~)

  3. Your pictures bring back memories. Many of my “younger” pictures were in black and white, colour came a little later. But, oh, the memories…thanks

  4. Mimi, we were living parallel lives! My childhood photos look look so similar…and I was right up the street, in Medford! lol The buckled galoshes, the cotton bathing suits, the summer playsuits. Thanks for the smile tonight. :-)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these. They are such sweet photos, a lovely testament to your history.

  6. I sported that same pixie haircut until I was in the 4th grade, that is when mama decided that if I wanted to grow my hair long, I could as long as I took good care of it. :) I agree with everyone else, thanks so much for the sweet memories. . . until we meet again. Angela

  7. Mimi it’s great to peak in on you and your craft! I think about you from time to time as I pass through your neighborhood.

    I would still love to feature you as one of my beauties if you are ever up for it. I would like to hear *your* wisdom about growing older my felted wool friend- and include photos of your wonderful work etc ( I love you new owls and fish).

    xo, Louise

  8. I love the one of you playing chess with your dad–mine recruited me as his chess partner (because my mother showed no interest in the game) when I was about the age you appear to be there. Loved those quiet times with him.

  9. What a peculiar thing to do!? Presenting the fading of colours as a special bonus. Never heard of it being advertised like this before but funnily enough just some hours after reading your post I came across this podcast:
    Mind you I love Madras cotton and hope to see a fox or a dog sporting some bold checkered shorts or pj’s.

  10. Oh my Gosh, these pics are awesome. I remember my brother had the black boots with buckles and I had red with a button and elastic loop at the top. but my dog chewed the top off my boot so I got my cousins handme down boots. They were tall white rubber boots with a ZIPPER. I was in heaven I loved them and wore them all summer since I thought they looked like majoriette boots. I could really twirl a broom stick. Or to be 7 again.
    Anna in MI

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