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It’s that time of year. The studio needs to be cleaned and the Stuff needs reorganizing. I try to figure out what I am actually using and make it easily accessible. I also try to go through all the fabric regularly, getting rid of things I will probably never use. I call this turning the compost. It’s only kind of a joke. I now have three bags of fabric that I’ll be taking to my crafty meet-up next week. Give-away time!

Here are some in progress photos because it’ll be a while before everything settles into place again.

It all started with a large bookcase that needed to be moved out of another room. I always need more shelves so I took out the measuring tape to see if I could fit it into my studio. The reshuffle began! I moved the bureau towards the window (of course there was already something there- out into the hall that stuff went). The bookcase that was already in my room was emptied and moved across to it’s new place by the closet.

It is now filled with books, tea cups and cotton fabrics, mostly toiles and other tattooed people components.

The new (to my room), bigger bookshelf fits perfectly. I’m filling it back up with the books that were in the other bookcase plus other things of course.

Then I decided that I needed a new way to store all my other cotton fabrics. I have been using them a lot more this year and the bins under the table system was just not working. One trip to Ikea later and you can see my new drawers. Here is a better photo-

This is great! I can see all the fabric easily and there are enough baskets to put all kinds of goodies that have been in piles or in bins that I trip over every time I walked through the room.

The plastic drawer bins and the small wooden bookcase on top of the fabric drawers used to be where the bureau is now. Are you confused yet?

I have had this little set of metal drawers sitting on the floor for about 1 1/2 years and I now finally have a place for it. I filled it up with beads, charms, sewing notions I’ve collected for robots and papers for making tiny books.

There are lots of little problems that I haven’t quite figured out yet. An example is my thread rack- I like it where it is but I know it will slide right off at the worst possible moment so I need to figure out how to attach it to something. And then actually do it.

And some real life desk pictures. I started working on some tiny worlds. Then I moved on to something else. Yep, I just piled them up, as much out of the way as I could push them without bothering to put them away. Because I’ll get back to them any minute, right? Okay then.

And that poor tattooed lady. I have a ridiculous number of unfinished dolls in my studio right now. I should try to focus on finishing them up. Somehow it is sad to see them all waiting for me. If I just worked on finishing things I would probably be busy though February at least! It’s good though too- it is an easy way to start in again because a lot of the decisions are already made. So, time to get back to work!


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  1. Thoughts on your threadrack . . . I also use the Elfa drawers for my fiber and fabrics. I’ve taken two of the Elfa shelf hooks and hooked the wide section over the Elfa basket runner and the narrow hooks fit through hanging brackets that were already attached to the rack. I have a 2-runner basket in the top section and the hooks hang from the 2nd, open, runner. I’ve hung them from a runner that held a 1-runner basket and had to be a little careful when opening the drawer but it wasn’t a major issue (helps to have the drawer liner). I’ve hung other items in a similar manner – if they were too wide for the narrow end of the hook, I hung a 2nd hook from the first (narrow to narrow) to have the wide hook available for whatever I was hanging. If there’s an Ikea near you they have some great hooks (used with their kitchen shelves) that I’ve used in this manner as well.

    My units are on wheels and easily roll around my very small workspace. I have two 7-runner units that store under my permanent worktop and roll out to support a 2nd worktop when I need the add’l space. The 2nd worktop is an Elfa desktop that stores upright in the narrow alley between shelves & wall when not in use. Nothing beats having a clear visual line to your supplies!

  2. I love seeing all your dolls on display on the wall. And your desk looks exactly like mine! I am constantly putting aside and piling projects. Oh well.

  3. Your post has inspired me to do some cleanup and reshuffling in my studio. It’s amazing how fast things get piled up when you’re in the throws of creativity! It’s so nice to see you all settled into your new space.

  4. I have the same thread racks and I used to hang them on the wall. In my new studio I don’t have as much wall space to they have to sit on top of a low bookcase. I loved them on the wall though. . .

  5. yes, when I was up in the attic I also had it hung on the wall. I am going to try to hang it from the bookcase or else build a little frame around the feet so it doesn’t slip. Maybe ;-)

  6. I am glad to see that you tend to the messy side too, Mimi. It really makes me feel better (teehee). I straightened out my little studio last week. I decided to clean up after each sewing session and so far I’ve done it. Granted it’s only January 7, but we’ll see how it goes.

  7. … was going to suggest hanging the thread rack… that’s a very inspiring post, you almost convinced me to tidy up my own working space! :)

  8. You’ve inspired me to try and get some order in my sewing area. I tend to push things aside and work on several things at once. My finished products are very neatly done but my work area is a complete disaster. I have to learn to be more like Elsa and put things away after each project. Maybe there’s hope for me in 2012.

  9. Congratulations on making some headway in your workspace. It looks great! The “before” photos look very much like my art studio. I very much would like to reorganize things, but my daughter and family are coming, so I’ll be tied up for the next two weeks. Then I have a March deadline… See, that’s why my art studio doesn’t improve, I always find an excuse to put off cleaning it!

  10. I am lost if I don’t keep the bobbins with the thread- that is one of the reasons I like this peg type of thread holder. These are the threads I use the most, or at least most recently. The rest are in drawers below.

  11. You know, it had never occurred to me that this is the way to keep your thread and its matching bobbin together. I am going to get planning. Googling thread racks now!

  12. i find that cleaning is just the thing to get me motivated again. seeing new fabrics/projects (hiding a few that i know i won’t finish anytime soon, etc.).

    maybe i need to go clean :)

  13. Natural habitat.
    Thanks for sharing photos of your real working space. You and your wonderful art pieces are inspirational on so many levels!

  14. You can never have too much storage space! (At least I don’t..) ;)
    I am a very messy person (my room looks a bit like yours, but with more painting materials) but I love to organise. It’s so great to have a space especially for red fabrics or buttons or my scissors. I really like your thread rack! Did you make it yourself? I’m not sure why but thread racks make me happy :) I think I should make myself one :)

  15. I’ve been doing a studio clean-up and re-shuffle this week, as well. Good to know I’m not alone. Mixed-media means tons of supplies and my workroom is not that large! I’m almost finished now and oh what joy to know where everything is and actually have room to work!

  16. Whoa – that looks like my workspace! Glad I’m not the only one who gets buried under stuff while in the throes of making other stuff! Thanks for sharing. I love your work!

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