Brooklyn report

We had 2 beautiful market days. It was hot, sunny and there was a little breeze. Well actually, there were a few BIG breezes which were a tiny bit too exciting but my tent weights kept me safe. I was happily situated next to several friends which is so helpful when you need to borrow some little thing.

Here is the first day set-up.

This was the fantastic view out the back of my tent in the morning as we were setting up.

This is a few hours later- the grass was covered with sunbathing bodies.

Then on Sunday, I rearranged the dolls on the panels. I always think it might make a difference but really, it never does.

And packing up at the end of Sunday- the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

We drove home yesterday (Tuesday) after having some recreational NYC time. We had a great time away from home. Brooklyn is such a fun place to hang out for a few days. I loved meeting blog readers (you know who you are and Hello again!), people who were seeing my work for the first time, and all kinds of enthusiastic Market goers. Today, I am back to work. I’ve got a lot of computer stuff to do- emails, etsy (I’ll be listing some of those dolls I finished up during the weeks leading up to the Market), blog stuff… all that not-studio work. My next big event is San Francisco Renegade, July 21 and 22.



4 thoughts on “Brooklyn report

  1. Ah, I love your sign and the bunting—-oh, and of course, the amazing dolls! What a great view from the back of your booth’s tent. Thanks for sharing your Brooklyn experience. Good luck with all the computer work and the next fair!

  2. Mimi Kirchner I just found you today through Tipnut. Actually came to look at your tomato planters and found your doll people. I love your tattooed guys!!!!Very inspiring use of fabric.

  3. Met you briefly at Brooklyn Renegade and was blown away by your dolls. I’ve seen your work online – but it’s even more magical in person. I’m especially fond of the tattoo-ed guys (and their little circle nipples – snicker).

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