Brooklyn report

We had 2 beautiful market days. It was hot, sunny and there was a little breeze. Well actually, there were a few BIG breezes which were a tiny bit too exciting but my tent weights kept me safe. I was happily situated next to several friends which is so helpful when you need to borrow some little thing.

Here is the first day set-up.

This was the fantastic view out the back of my tent in the morning as we were setting up.

This is a few hours later- the grass was covered with sunbathing bodies.

Then on Sunday, I rearranged the dolls on the panels. I always think it might make a difference but really, it never does.

And packing up at the end of Sunday- the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

We drove home yesterday (Tuesday) after having some recreational NYC time. We had a great time away from home. Brooklyn is such a fun place to hang out for a few days. I loved meeting blog readers (you know who you are and Hello again!), people who were seeing my work for the first time, and all kinds of enthusiastic Market goers. Today, I am back to work. I’ve got a lot of computer stuff to do- emails, etsy (I’ll be listing some of those dolls I finished up during the weeks leading up to the Market), blog stuff… all that not-studio work. My next big event is San Francisco Renegade, July 21 and 22.



show report

finally! My show report- I am sure you were all holding your breath, right?

This past Sunday I was at the South End Open Market with my Etsy street team, Boston Handmade. I feel as though I passed some test because I survived my first rainy set-up. Real life doing an outdoor market. Here is a photo of the booth- mostly ready. I used a tent and thank goodness I had the sides, but the water pooled on the roof and dripped through in places. My banner got wet but survived just fine.

The rain poured down all through the set up time, but mostly stopped by 10:30 or so and crowds started showing up around 11.

I had a great day. My sales expectations were low since my prices are a lot higher then casual impulse buying. I sold a few things- that sweet yellow swaddled baby and one tiny world- both to repeat customers. The people who sell and the people who show up to buy are cheerful and enthusiastic. It is always fun.  I know that if I approached things differently, I would sell better.  If I want it to work for me, I need to go regularly and then people would get used to my work and the prices- that is how it works for me on Etsy and my blog. I just don’t have the energy to focus on both live markets and the internet marketing right now. And so, everything is in my Etsy shop.

The highlight of my day was a surprise visit from Kristin! I knew she was going to be in Boston for a job and I am so glad she found the time to come to the market. I haven’t seen her in 2 years! Hurray for internet friends!

Here is our Boston Handmade sign, before things got going in the morning.

Next show- Boston Handmade Marketplace on July 11 in Union Sq. Somerville. Guess I better get back to work!