finally- Maker Faire!

I was in Stamford, CT and the Maker Faire was less than an hour away- how could I not go. Especially when I knew Sonya was there!

And all her dresses!

I saw some other things too of course although I only had about 3 hours total to be there.

New York in toothpicks-

Makie Dolls

Scribble makers-

A man dressed in Metro Cards-

and a life-size mouse trap!

Next year, my husband and I will probably come and spend the weekend. There was so much to see, so much energy and so many people having a great time! I’m glad we made the quick trip and got a taste.


3 thoughts on “finally- Maker Faire!

  1. Ah, how fun. Glad you got to spend a few hours there. I’ve never seen Sonya’s dresses. They are fantastique. The materials are so fun. Do you have any of them?

  2. I attended Makerfaire in NY. It was an inspiring event! I got to meet Sonya and see her dresses. I loved how many of the makers had hands-on activities for the visitors.

  3. Definitely – next year skip NIADA and go to Maker Faire for an entire weekend. It will be time much better spent!

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