I am going to be the Artist-in-Residence at Gather Here in Cambridge in mid-January. I’ll be teaching a bunch of new classes! I knew if I said yes to doing the classes, I would have to finish some new patterns- you know, deadline incentive!

I’ve posted photos of examples but what we will make in the classes will all be unique because everyone will choose their own fabrics and colors. Here is what the week looks like.

I’m teaching the Owl on Tuesday, Jan 22 (although that one looks full already!)

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, I am teaching the Swaddled Baby. I am working (or maybe mostly procrastinating) on that pattern now. The class (and pattern) will include directions for needle-sculpting the face. Also a variety of designs from very basic using pretty ribbons, a design that includes a new baby’s name embroidered on the ribbon, a folk-art type design and one like this picture which I think of as a puzzle pattern (fit all the pieces together).

On Thursday Jan. 24, I will try to convince you that the patterns aren’t sacred and you can cut them up and tape them back together, make them bigger, make them smaller and generally take charge and get what you want. I will be specifically referencing the dog toy since dogs come in so many variations. On Friday, January 25 we will be making the dogs.

This is the basic design-

And above is a long version. Obviously there are lots of options to play with. This design is a basic toy with the clothing as part of the body.

On Saturday (1/26) and Sunday (1/27) will be a two-day class to make foxes. This class will cover constructing the fox and then dressing. You can make a girl or a boy fox. The clothing options will include a vest, jacket, dress, and/or skirt. You could make a kitty instead since it is the same basic construction and fits the same clothing.

This is my first adventure of 2013. I want to teach more so I am pushing forward full steam ahead! I’ll be teaching all these classes for the first time so there will be some unknowns- the biggest mystery for me is always how long a project will take another person. I’m hoping we’ve scheduled the right amount of time for the projects but I’m willing to be flexible and relaxed and hope we will all have fun. My teaching philosophy is that most people who take a class from me are looking to have a little time away from their everyday life and want play with new materials and tools- a mini-craft vacation. I hope to see you there!

The patterns will not be available for sale until after the classes so hopefully at the end of January.

6 thoughts on “Classes

  1. thats going to be a huge week for you Mimi, I used to get very stressed if people didn’t finish their toy in class, but I think you are right, people are happy to have some time out and work on craft, they never seem concerned that they don’t finish.

  2. Relax, Mimi – your class will be sure to love the experience, finished item or no.

    Wish I could be there, but there’s a little thing called an ocean in the way. Will be with you in spirit! xx

  3. What an full schedule you’ve made for your students. I think I’d be overwhelmed after the the first day of class. It’s so wonderful you’re helping others to make your great patterns. I look forward to seeing and hearing how your classes go. Best wishes to you and your students.

  4. Now if I can only scrape together the money (and the time) to get to Cambridge!!! Oh that birdy baby is my FAVORITE!! :)

  5. Oh Mimi I wish I could take a class! But I will look forward to the patterns instead! Thanks so much for offering them to us!

  6. I wish I lived closer and could take your classes! You are so inspiring, I’m sure your classes will be divine! Have fun and congratulations!

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