a class, an essay and the beach

3:25:cupsI’ve got various random bits of news. I’m teaching a Tiny World class at Gather Here on April 13 and 14. Come join the fun! This class is suitable for anyone who can thread a needle.

3:25:tiny worldsAnd, I am the guest blogger (or Curator) at Jenny Doh’s blog, Crescendoh.com. I wrote an essay on the theme of “Art Saves” here.

We were away for a few days at a family gathering. On the way home we stopped at a few beaches along the East Coast and saw many signs of the damage from Hurricane Sandy. But still, the beach is so beautiful.

3:25:beachAnd one more thing- Instagram. I can’t stay away. I’m mimikirchner over there if you want to find me.

3 thoughts on “a class, an essay and the beach

  1. I enjoyed your essay on Crescendoh and could totally relate. You speak for many of us. (I tried to leave a message there but got rebuffed by improper URL)

  2. I’m in love with these teacups! I can hardly wait to see the tiny worlds that they become :-)

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