trip to Washington, DC

It was great fun to get out of the studio and go down to Washington for a few days. Here we are, packing the last few things to go in the car, early Friday morning. Yes, I’ll be posting photos of all those dolls soon!

Our big excitement on the trip down-

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10:2:wash 3

We drive a 1997 Honda Civic so it’s about time!  Here is my booth on Saturday morning-

10:2:wash 4

10:2:wash 5

And look who showed up on Sunday- Betz! We’ve been internet friends for years and finally met in real life!

10:2:wash 6

4 thoughts on “trip to Washington, DC

  1. I saw the photo of you and Betz on instagram or facebook and was deadly jealous of both of you equally ! Hope it was a huge success.

  2. I had to tell you how wonderful all the dolls sticking out of the paper bag looked. It made me smile this morning. And it is great to see your booth with all your work displayed together. What a great talent you have Mimi! Thanks for sharing with us.

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