it’s been quiet here

But not so quiet in my actual life. Since my last post, I finished my prototypes for West Elm and sent them off. Fingers crossed that all proceeds smoothly from here! Then I started prepping for a class that I taught at Gather Here over the weekend. I was having a hard time staying focused on that task and did a lot of cleaning, sorting, picking through, inventory-ing before I’d have to give myself a stern talking to and get back on track. It’s a January kind of activity. Anyway, the class was terrific!

1:15:class1Everyone worked hard and made some wonderful worlds.




And on Saturday night, I started a quilt. Because, you know, it’s January!


I booked a trip to Chicago in February- Hurray! Now to look into all the fun stuff since it will not be a working trip…. hmm- how does one do that?

4 thoughts on “it’s been quiet here

  1. Ooohhh…sigh…what a fun fun class! I want to take another Mimi! My current house on the hill is so well admired, I wouldn’t mind having a vacation home too. ;)

  2. You create such beautiful work! I’m so glad I got to see you at the craft fair last year. I’m such a fan and when I get a job again, I’ll be making some purchases!

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