Little Thing magazine

I am absolutely thrilled by my profile in Little Thing, a Chinese lifestyle and fashion magazine. I just received a copy and I’m blown away. Look at this!


It is a calendar for 2014!

The theme of this issue is Grandma Style- too funny.


Here are my pages and as usual, I have no idea what it says. Hopefully something insightful and witty. Notice my neighbor- Jenny Hart. Good company, eh?



And here is the index if you want to see what else is in this beautiful publication-


If you are interested in getting a copy, they have a facebook page for international sales here. They also have an instagram feed with loads of beautiful pics including this amazing little video of the pop-up in the magazine. Here is a link to Google image search which has lots of pages and gives a great idea of the look of the magazine. I am putting the article pictures into my Flickr stream. You can look at them in a large size if you want to.

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  1. How very cool, Mimi!! I am sure it says what a wonderful maker you are, & that your work is beautifully designed & sewn! Cheers. :)

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