Eleanor’s quilt

I made a quilt for my daughter who is having a rather big birthday this month. And, I flew to Chicago to deliver it. Some things you just have to present in person. Here are some pics from the process, most off my phone so they aren’t all that great.

Starting out, mid-January-


The center of the quilt is a Japanese gift wrapping cloth. I made a similar quilt in 2010. Using the Japanese fabrics and piecing, quilting and then assembling. There were 5 main pieces- 2 sides, the center, top center panel, bottom center panel.

2:10:quilt2I machine quilted each section, then put them together with a combination of machine and hand stitching.



Then sewed the sections together until,



It was all together! I will confess that I am most certainly not an expert quilter and some of my machine quilting was wonky enough that I had to remove it and quilt some parts by hand. So, it’s a mixed hand/machine piece.




It’s fun to do something completely different, every once in a while!

10 thoughts on “Eleanor’s quilt

  1. It’s beautiful. I remember when you made a quilt for your son a while back. I love the red/oranges set off against that dark blue.

  2. Ah, but it’s so lovely! I love the Japanese cloth in the middle, and how it anchors and radiates out from there. As far as technique goes, I think sometimes we worry too much about that and forget the design and heart and soul of a quilt. This seems to have both!

  3. Oh dear God, this thrills me to pieces. We truly are related!!!!!!! I love this. I made my very first quilt for my first born in her 3rd birthday in honor of her big girl bed! Peach and chocolate log cabin! Mimi-well done! Bravo!

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