pics from my patterns!

I love it when people send me photos of things they’ve made from my patterns so I am making an effort to remember to post them (with permission, of course). It is always interesting to see where people go creatively with my directions.

This amazing maker must have the luckiest 2 grandsons ever- she made them 5 fish each!

1-19-fish - 1

And look at this fantastic tiny world, made by Cheryl Tempest Burton. The flowers are amazing!

1-19-tinyworld - 1

btw- my talk on social media went really well. I was nervous and wasn’t sure who would show up, what they’d want to know, and all the rest of the crazy-making that my head gets up to. In the end, people were interested and enthusiastic and I had fun!

1-19-talk - 1

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