quiet on the blog this month!

There isn’t going to be much posting this month. I am off to LA tomorrow and this month has mostly been preparing for it.

I am teaching 3 Tiny World classes plus an ornament class- that is approx. 70 students! I made samples and refreshed my memory of the patterns.

4-19-LA prep - 1

I did some pre-work for the classes so hopefully people might finish their tiny worlds in 6 hours!

4-19-LA prep - 1 (1)

I loaded up a TON of supplies and shipped them out to LA. I figured it was better to have too much than to run short, right? Also my tools which might be a little iffy getting onto the the airplane.

After the boxes were shipped, I was able to breathe a bit and did some sewing for things I will finish when I get back. Then, I made some clothes, because I always seem to feel a need for new clothes when I am going on a trip. Here is one of my new shirts, first try-on.

4-19-LA prep - 2

That was earlier today. Now it is all hemmed up and has buttons and is packed in the suitcase. See you next month!

2 thoughts on “quiet on the blog this month!

  1. Have a wonderful trip and please take lots of pics to share with us when you get back!

  2. When you say LA, I think Los Angeles. But it could be Louisiana. Boy if it is my
    town Los Angeles. How do I find My Queen of Dolldom? I will search your
    posts and sleuth you down thru the net. LOS Angeles. Can’t be!
    I hope you come to us in the future.

    Your deep and grateful Admirer, You are my Queen of Mirth,

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