Directions for sewing up a scrub mask

These directions are based on 3 friends sewing them up and consulting on shortcuts and clearer explanations. There is a downloadable pdf in this post. We started from this pattern, available on etsy. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really don’t want to draft your own pattern.

Directions for Scrub Cap


sewing machine
scissors and/or rotary cutter

Materials for 2 caps

1/2 yard fabric, 44” across
thread to match or contrast
1/4” elastic cut to 3” for each cap

Each cap is made of one side piece and one top piece.

Important notes:

The pattern includes a 1/4” seam allowance.
The background grid is in inches. Each square is 1/2”.

Fabric Layout for 2 caps.

Yes, I do mark out my pattern pieces with Sharpie marker!

Mark each fabric piece-
the center of the side piece (the fold)
the center of the top piece (top round part)
I mark by ironing a small crease. You can also use a fabric marker.

Also mark the end-of-the-tie mark as shown on pattern piece. I do this with a little snip in the seam allowance.

Fold up and press for elastic casing at flat end of Top Piece.

Insert elastic and secure in place with pins or by a few stitches on the ends at the seam allowance.

Sew Top Piece to Side Piece.
Match center marks and pin.
You can pin all the way around and stitch
Start at the center pin and match the side seams as you stitch around to the casing. Go back to the center and sew down the other side.

Zigzag or use pinking shears to finish the edges, starting from the end-of-ties mark, all the way around the cap, and back to the end-of-ties mark on the other side.

Fold up the tie section, right-sides together. Sew the end, turn and sew to end-of-ties mark. Clip corner, turn right side out, push out the corner to make a nice angle, press.

If you pull gently on the tie and the main body of the cap, you will see that the seam allowance at the upper edge of the tie, and also the front band, want to fold into place.

The front band will be approx. 3/4” wide with 1/4” folded under. Press the top edge and the front band in place and secure with a few pins.

Top stitch around the top of the cap, the seam allowance pressed down toward the side pice. Sew from the upper edge of the ties, around the Top Piece, and back to the end-of-ties mark.

Zigzag across the top of the front band.

You are finished!

Pattern pieces if you want to draft your own pattern.

Helpful YouTube videos-