What’s Going on Mimi?

It’s summer and it is hot here in Boston. Time for an update.

Things are slow in my studio these days and there is a reason for that. Husband and I will be moving to Chicago next Spring (tentative schedule) now that my 3 kids are all there. It is time for us to sort through all the stuff. We have lived in this house for 34 years and there is a LOT. I am spending less time in my studio and more time culling. Even when I am sewing, my brain is busy thinking about this near future. It has been very distracting. I will be doing the November Paradise City Show, but there is nothing else on the schedule. When the New Year starts, I will probably being packing up my studio. I have no idea at this point when I will be getting back to work but obviously will let everyone know.

Of course now that we will be leaving Boston, I have a bunch of someday items that I want to check off my list. The first one happened this week! We took the ferry to Provincetown and spent a few days. It was so much fun!

Now it’s time to get these kitties dressed. It is very hot here and my studio has got the AC so that will help inspire me 😁

2 thoughts on “What’s Going on Mimi?

  1. Oh please look me up when you are here. I took your class years ago, we had a lovely dinner, and we have exchanged a few greetings since then. I would love to invite you to my house for dinner after you settle in. I wish you a smooth transition!

  2. Whoa – big news. I dread moving on day in the not too far future. We have been in our house about the same amount of time. All the best to you as you go through the process.

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