7 things with lots of links

this is my 900th post- wow… that’s a lot for someone who used to consider herself writing phobic.

Kerry tagged me a while back for 7 random things. These will be Very random and a bit rambling.

1. Pie makes me think of Mary. I made that one last night.

2. If I make a doll and it makes me think of one of Rosa’s daughters, I feel like it is a success!

3. This is one of my brothers. And this is another. This is my husband. This is my husbands’ brother. My daughter works here.

4. I bought this book by Ruth Singer from AmazonUK. The exchange rate has flipped and now I feel like I got a great deal by going through a UK site. The book is beautiful. I will probably post more about it on another day.

5. I love the internet. Ebay was my entry drug. The craft/art blog community and Flickr are at the top of my love list. I am liking Twitter but still getting used to it. I am still not clear on how Facebook fits into my life. Etsy works for me.

6. I did one of these memes a while back. That star I mentioned? Here it is-

7. This makes me incredibly sad. I have been involved with blogs- reading, commenting, writing- for about 5 years now. I have read about new houses, sicknesses, babies born, pregnancies lost, marriages and divorces, and sometimes it seems that someone just disappears. This is the first time I have felt connected to someone going into hospice. And the odd thing is, I have been a lurker for all the years I’ve watched her amazing drawings go by. Maybe I commented once. But, I still feel like I know her in a way. Her artwork touched me. I teared up when I read this post.

I will try to tag some people soon- right now I feel exhausted just doing this!