expedition to New Hampshire

Ben and I went to New Hampshire yesterday. Our destination was the Dorr Mill Store. It is about a 2 hour drive from our house, it was a beautiful day, the fall colors are just beginning and I’d heard good things. I wanted to check it out.

Oh yeah, it was good.


Here is the silly thing- I feel guilty buying fabric this way! I make most of my dolls from thrifted or salvaged wooly goodness but sometimes I just need to go somewhere with colors on bolts. Well, some of this did come from their small pieces bin so that can be guilt-free.

I have a hard time finding wool that is a good color for brown skin. What I find at the thrift store is too dark. I was completely out. I was also very low on my pink skin colors and hadn’t found any after several trips to various thrift shops. And, the problem with all the thrift store shopping is, I come home with other stuff. And then I need a place to put it. The skin color wools were my reason (excuse) for the trip and I am very happy with what they had. I also managed to find other goodies as you can see. Everything is washed and soft and ready to use. Bee-u-ti-full!

I had a few fantasy wools I was hoping to find, but no luck- an even black and white stripe, a heathery olive green and/or a herringbone olive green. I’ll just have to keep looking.

Here are some store photos-

the main fabric room-


Another room with kits, patterns, and over-dyed wools. Also a big collection of Gail Wilson kits and dolls.


and more-


It was definately worth the trip.