expedition to New Hampshire

Ben and I went to New Hampshire yesterday. Our destination was the Dorr Mill Store. It is about a 2 hour drive from our house, it was a beautiful day, the fall colors are just beginning and I’d heard good things. I wanted to check it out.

Oh yeah, it was good.


Here is the silly thing- I feel guilty buying fabric this way! I make most of my dolls from thrifted or salvaged wooly goodness but sometimes I just need to go somewhere with colors on bolts. Well, some of this did come from their small pieces bin so that can be guilt-free.

I have a hard time finding wool that is a good color for brown skin. What I find at the thrift store is too dark. I was completely out. I was also very low on my pink skin colors and hadn’t found any after several trips to various thrift shops. And, the problem with all the thrift store shopping is, I come home with other stuff. And then I need a place to put it. The skin color wools were my reason (excuse) for the trip and I am very happy with what they had. I also managed to find other goodies as you can see. Everything is washed and soft and ready to use. Bee-u-ti-full!

I had a few fantasy wools I was hoping to find, but no luck- an even black and white stripe, a heathery olive green and/or a herringbone olive green. I’ll just have to keep looking.

Here are some store photos-

the main fabric room-


Another room with kits, patterns, and over-dyed wools. Also a big collection of Gail Wilson kits and dolls.


and more-


It was definately worth the trip.

13 thoughts on “expedition to New Hampshire

  1. what a fun store! it would have taken me forever to choose and then another forever to pare down the pile to ‘buyable’ lucky you!

  2. Oh, I haven’t been to Dorr Woolen since I lived in NH in the 80’s. I loved that place..definitely made me want to take up rug hooking. Glad to know they’re still in business :-)

  3. You’ve been to the place I’ve dreamed about since I became a rug hooker! It looks wonderful. My first-ever hooking project was a kit that came with pre-cut wool. Since then, I’ve used recycled wool from the thrift shop. It’s always fun, but the thought of going to Dorr and just picking the colour you want is wonderful.

  4. Hadn’t heard of Dorr Mill store, looks like a facinating place. And just west of me too. But I don’t need another piece of Material ! I need to get to work and use up what I have. But your trip sounds like a good one on a beautiful Fall day …I have a good friend that lives in Newport pretty country to “visit”. I always enjoy reading on what your doing !
    Enjoy !

  5. Visiting Dorr is always a part of my annual trip to Vermont and area. Their wools do vary….so you should return again another time and keep searching for your fantasy wools. Another place to find some beautiful wool – and see lovely hooked rugs, too – is “Hooked in the Mountains” held in November at the Shelburne Museum (about 2 hour drive from Dorr). You can find more information here: http://www.gmrhg.org/site/hooked_8_show.html

  6. Have you tried Camp Wool in Wells Maine? I got some great pieces there last month, including some dark/olive green. Its definitely worth the trip.

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