and here are some snowier snowy owls

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 6

This one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1

Wool knit sweater body, angora wings and alpaca tummy patch.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1 (1)

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 2

This other one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 4

Soft wool body and cable knit wings.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 5

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 3

If any of these owls inspire you, I have a pattern available here if you are moved to try and make your own. I won’t be adding anything to the Etsy shop now until after I return from my San Francisco show. That should be the 2nd week of August.

Not Quite Snowy Owls

Light colors but not snowy whites.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 1

I got this zig-zag wool a long time ago and I’ve never figured out what to use it for. It was a midi skirt and I bought it at a thrift store in Ithaca, NY. Eventually I figure out where these pieces go.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 3

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 2

This one is all about the soft textures. It is made of angora, alpaca, and some wool.

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 5

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 6

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 4

6-29-brown owl 1112 - 7

Orange Owls

Whenever I am making orange owls, I think to myself, Here we go, back to the 70’s!

And this one is especially 70’s reminiscent because that BROWN PLAID! I might have had a jumper with fabric like that? I think every girl did.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 2

6-28-brown owl 910 - 1

Oh, the 70’s. Think disco and bell bottoms. In plaid.

This one is all about the shaggy textures.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 3

Some embroidery on the wing.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 4

And even more shaggy.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 5

6-28-brown owl 910 - 6

All the textures.

6-28-brown owl 910 - 7

6-28-brown owl 910 - 8

two more owls- 7 & 8

One is brown-

6-27-brown owl 78 - 1

He is super soft. The dark brown of his body is some kind of cashmere blend. The tummy herringbone is also cashmere. The boucle wings and hood are a blend of wool and alpaca and I’m not sure what but it is nice and pet-able.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 2

6-27-brown owl 78 - 3

This one looks brownish from a distance but is actually a blend of lots of colors.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 4

Red, purple, black, brown, cream…

6-27-brown owl 78 - 5

See those wings? They are an amazing pattern of lilac and brown. I was really happy to find a use for that scrap.

6-27-brown owl 78 - 6

6-27-brown owl 78 - 7

2 Brown owls

First is a herringbone owl-

6-26-brown owl 56 - 1

Herringbone body and herringbone ears.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 2

The second owl with woven patterns, this one with houndstooth and ? I don’t know if the weave on the hood has a name.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 3

6-26-brown owl 56 - 4

6-26-brown owl 56 - 5

Here they are, out in the garden.

6-26-brown owl 56 - 6

Grey Owls, reclaimed sweaters

These two are made from sweaters with classic knit patterns- the first one with a Nordic black and white pattern-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 1

the second with a dark grey cable.

6-25-grey owl 34 - 4

And then with the scraps of all the other wools to bring them to life.

This face has an angora/wool blend hood (so soft for petting!) and woven wool ears-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 2

And the other face has a woven wool tweedy herringbone hood and wool knit ears.

6-25-grey owl 34 - 5

Side view- I tried a bit of embroidery decoration on these angora wings-

6-25-grey owl 34 - 3

I just love how they have such different personalities!

6-25-grey owl 34 - 7

Snowy Owl and the Smithsonian Craft Show

I’m back at home and my to-do list is long! I have to catch up posting all the dolls I finished before the show. The last owl was a snowy owl. And, btw, all the owls found new homes!

4-27-owls 10 - 1

4-27-owls 10 - 3

4-27-owls 10 - 2

The Smithsonian Craft Show was amazing! It was such an honor to be part of this event. Here is a photo looking down on my booth from the 2nd floor.

5-1-smithsonian - 1

And here is a front view from the first day of the show.

5-1-smithsonian - 2

By Sunday, my booth was looking a lot different. I am learning that the tattooed people are not big sellers at the fine craft shows but everything else was popular. I was filling the spaces with whatever I could. I am going to have to get busy to fill my inventory and shop again. I am lucky to have that “problem”!