trip to Cape Cod

Yesterday, a friend and I drove down to Cape Cod to visit Salley Mavor and see her show at Highfield Hall. What a wonderful expedition!

First we stopped and chatted and relaxed in her studio for a bit.

I didn’t take a lot of studio photos (here are some old ones), but here is one- I loved seeing her thread in the baskets-

We went out to lunch and then to the show. It is amazing. The book photography is beautiful but a completely different experience then seeing the artwork in real life.

Here we are at the show-

If I could have taken any of the pieces home with me, it probably would have been this one of winter. I’m not sure why, but it really spoke to me. Here it is in the book-

And here is my blurry photo of it at the show. It is difficult to get a decent photo with low light and glass fronts.

I now have my book and Salley gave me a poster to hang in my studio-

And look at the wonderful inscription!

After the show, we were on our way. Since I was on the Cape, I wanted to make a few more stops. We made it to Yummygoods and said hello to Melissa! I got to visit her gorgeous little shop, see her studio when it wasn’t all gussied up for a photo shoot (real life workspace, I love it!), and see the new fabric line, all close up and personal.

And then to Tumbleweed, one of my favorite fabric store destinations. It was a great day!