robot 3

the one that got finished-


he’s about 24 inches long. Wool and brass washers with button ears.


Flopped over. This robot was inspired by the Tin Man from Oz and also by Hil’s post about Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Geesh, I still haven’t seen that movie…


This robot is much more of a doll then the other 2 robots, which are more like pillows. He is embellished with brass washers and I also used the washers for his shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints.

robots in progress

This is what I’ve been working on-


After I made the robot heads it seemed that the bodies would be easy, but it hasn’t worked out that way… getting started is easy until I hit the next block. So, I’ve been working on these in an unusual (for me lately) way. I get started until I can’t figure out what comes next and then I pick up a different head. So, I’ve got 4 in progress.

I am always amazed when people show their desks and it is a calm sanctuary of space and work gets done there. My workspace always looks like a tornado is in progress. Well, except when I am not getting anything done and I’m in some kind of funk. This is a tiny bit of my desk today-


See that blue wool ball? I tried that out as a body for the blue head robot- I didn’t like it, but it gave me an idea for the brown headed one- I am trying to go bobble-headed for that one.

I bought myself a bunch more bobbins on ebay- I feel so rich!


kitty 2

Yesterday was doll club, and I wanted to have this kitty finished. I decided it was a boy cat and all the cotton fabrics weren’t working for me.



I’m just not all that excited about the kitty- I have not succeeded in making one that appeals to me as much as the knitted ones I made a while back. What I am still excited about is the robots. I was working on a new one and getting too tight. I decided to just do a bunch of head. I am always inspired by the faces, my favorite part of any doll.


Now that the faces are looking at me, the bodies designs are much clearer in my head. Onward!