black eye

I’m not totally sure where this one came from. It was in the brain somewhere and I was taking a walk and saw a boy in the distance that I thought had a black eye. And then I did a sketch.

Somehow the idea of a wool bruise. I had to do it.

He doesn’t look like a fighting kind of guy. Probably more like me. I can remember having a black eye twice in my childhood. They were both the result of balls hitting me in the face. Geesh, I hated games where people were throwing (dodgeball) or kicking (kickball) balls that might and sometimes did hit me in the face- since I seemed to be totally unable to catch them.

I’m going to make another with a few tweaks. This is my first boy (versus man) doll.

13 thoughts on “black eye

  1. We had our little African friend over to play this weekend and he got dinged in the eye by the swing – we spent an amusing time trying to work out if a black eye could get a black eye or if we should call it a white eye or a blue eye or maybe a sore eye but that wasn’t right because a white eye made black is also sore so that was a given…. language is so funny to children and it is so much easier to laugh at it when there is only love and no sense of political correctness !!! Your chap looks a bit Scottish – maybe a night on the town in Glasgow?!

  2. Oh, his “good” eye is so wary! He looks like he is very concerned that whatever caused his black eye is going to hit him again.

    I share your dodgeball/kickball pain. The only bone I have ever broken was one of my pinkys that didn’t “dodge” a ball that was slammed at me during junior high Phys. Ed. Ugh… ;-}

  3. love him.

    third grade my brother and i knocked heads HARD. and it resulted in my getting one whopper of a black eye…even up to high school kids remembered me as “the girl with the black eye”. there is something so memorable about such an injury and you’ve captured it very well here :)

  4. This guy captures the whole feeling of the black eye and his body does look like a boy. Well done. He looks to me like he could be a friend of Laura Ingles with his wool plaid shirt all buttoned up and black pants. Love it.

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