Playground girl 2

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am trying to do some catch-up posting.

Amy suggested that the slightly injured kids I did a few weeks back looked like they’d been in a playground tussle. That is how I am thinking about them now. I’ve made another skinned knee girl.

I won’t be listing any more in my Etsy shop for now because it clicked-in the other day that it is only 2 weeks to the South End Holiday Market… Yikes! That said- if you think you need one of these dolls as they go by, email me (mimik(at) I don’t  want to spend a day figuring out photos and descriptions for Etsy when I ought to be making more, but I am happy to sell them directly… does that make sense I hope? Then, I will have an update on December 15.

10 thoughts on “Playground girl 2

  1. I just found your blog through another site (the usual way) and I love it! Your creations are adorable:>) Now I need to go see more, hae a great day!

  2. The dark-haired girl is dressed so like I remember dressing as a kid. Remember when you *had* to wear a skirt to school? Glad that’s over with….

    good luck!

  3. Ever think about adding more to the “story”? Like a tear in the skirt or a pig tail pulled crooked? Little Tom Girls can get in rough fights.

  4. she’s soooooooooooooooo pretty :D
    she remainded me of some1.!
    p.s: dunno if ur gonna recieve this or no as i notice i’m the only one from 2011 is commenting but i have to admit ur good working … mimi mimi mimi cheeeers :) Omg i have to study .. take care , smiles ..

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