future librarian

I thought she was another nerdy girl when I was making her, but she looks just a little too well put together and confident. I know she will be an amazing librarian when she grows up!

She has a cashmere beret and very dark green scarf, a red wool plaid jacket and a herringbone skirt. Her sweater is a rusty orange. All very fall colors, I know. I guess I need to start thinking spring.

Here she is with all her stuff. I like photographing the dolls this way- it makes me think of paperdolls.

While I was working on her bookbag, I was imagining what books would be in it. If she were me as a girl, it would be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Five Children and It, and anything else that had English children as main characters. My sister would have had Little Women, Black Beauty and anything else to do with horses.

23 thoughts on “future librarian

  1. wow, mimi, this young lady is above and beyond! love all her things too. you’re attention to detail never disappoints!

  2. Tooo coool !!!! Librarians on the web will be thrilled!!! I’ll tell a few tomorrow! (I wish I could afford to buy her….).
    Oh, and I LOVED paperdolls when I was a child (which was before you) — Betsy McCall was in Good Housekeeping every month, and it was a child’s thrill to find her. (How did you come to like them?)

    PS: How do you get spellcheck on your blog comments? Ben’s tecchie-ness? Or what??

  3. This series of dolls is so so lovely. For Jane Hyde, did you know (you probably do) that Betsy McCall is online? My daughter makes me print (and cut out; she’s not quite her five) her favorite pages.

  4. wow!WOW!WOW! Idon’t know how to say in English about my feels! She is super, beautifull and….and…. I love it very much ! you are so Great Master ….This girl is wonder!!! and sorry me poor English

  5. Beautiful girl. I love her hair, and her everything. (I’m a broken record.)

  6. Hi Mimi! I just love your dolls they are fantastic !! I will order one in a near future :)
    I made a post about you in my swedish blog. I hope it´s ok?
    Happy easter from Sweden!

  7. I love the red glasses-what great detail you have on her. I love your work-I am a new huge fan-all because of your pattern on Purl Bee! I am trying a doll tonight-I cannot wait any-longer. I have some wool felt at home, so cover me, I am going in to the doll making stage!

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