butterfly girl

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (3)

So, so summery! I love this butterfly fabric, designed by Geninne for Cloud9 fabrics. She has a linen jacket to wear on top.

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (1)

I was very proud of myself for finally researching how to sew up a lined sleeveless bodice with no hand-stitching. Yep, I did it. Because Google, you know, makes it all very easy. After all these years! (Sometimes I wonder about myself- always doing things the hard way!)

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (5)

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (2)

All her things- pants made of cotton shirting- navy with a white grid, an organic cotton dress, a linen jacket with a red check kerchief, and a purse with a notebook and coin.

6-22-girl 8 - 1 (4)

6-22-girl 8 - 1

I am finished with the girls for a now. The girl doll bin is getting packed up with all the clothing patterns and miscellaneous girl doll specific materials. I spent this afternoon trying to uncover the surface of my desk and I’ve make quite good progress. There was at least a few hours of button sorting involved so that is always an afternoon well spent.

Folktale girl

6-18-girl 7 - 1

She could be a lot of different heroines from Grimms’ Tales, don’t you think? I love playing with the classic folk dress designs. Her shirt and dress have laces for closures/adjustments and I didn’t want to mess everything up for the photos. Under her dress, she is like the other dolls but with her red and white striped tights instead of bare legs and anklets. She has a white undershirt that is part of her body design. She is a “big girl” design, ie her arms, legs, and body are all a bit longer and thinner. She is about 23″ (58cm) tall.

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (4)

Her apron is made of a vintage embroidered hand-towel.

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (2)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (1)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (3)

6-18-girl 7 - 1 (5)

A girl doll for Spring

5-4-girl 2 - 1

She has a cream cashmere sweater with tiny 3-hole glass buttons. Someone who knew those antique buttons were just my thing, sent me a string of them and Thank You again!

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (1)

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (3)

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (2)

She is “dressed” in light pink underwear. Her other clothes are draw-string pants, a tunic/dress, and her cashmere sweater.

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (4)

A Spring girl on a Spring day!

5-4-girl 2 - 1 (5)

and some more Mimi news

I haven’t been spending much time here because I haven’t finished anything! That is very frustrating but I figured I’d check in anyway. I have been busy and distracted. This is where I am with the girls-

10-20-girls - 1

There are maybe 5 more that are stuffed and put together but no faces or hair yet. And then a bunch more, sewed but not assembled. All the girls are currently patiently waiting because I am working on ornament prototypes for West Elm Holiday 2016 (yes already!). Hopefully I will be back to the girls soon.

So, speaking of ornaments, my 2015 line for West Elm is now available. These final designs ended up pretty far from my original designs but that’s the way it works with licensing. There is a racoon couple and a fox couple. It is always a fascinating process.

The other things that have kept me busy or have proved to be distracting? We got a new car to replace our 1997 Honda Civic, probably about time. We are now a Prius family. I went down to New York for Columbus Day weekend and saw Ronnie Burkett’s amazing puppets. Also went to some museums. I think my next post will be things I took photos of at the Met. Work is being done on the house, some of which is to repair damage from last winter. Hopefully it will all be done before winter comes again! It is tough to concentrate on my work with the noise and interruptions. And, the chiropractor. Yeah, my back is messed up again. So, probably too much information. On the inspiring side of life, we’ve been watching the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which are great fun and fantastic costumes. I’ve listened to all the audio versions of the books and the shows are obviously not the same but lots of fun anyway. (well, yes, I think the books are better- am I a snob?!)

Fall is in full swing and the weather and fall colors have been great. I love Autumn.

10-20-leaves - 1

a new girl in pink

I finally finished her on Friday when it was too late to photograph and somehow managed to not get the photos until today. Here she is!

Once again I struggled with the coat. I thought I had it all figured out with the fox jackets, but it is different for these girls. The problem area ends up being the fit around the neck.

But, after several redos, I got things the way I wanted them.

She is all set for New England Spring. The colors are Spring-inspired but she needs to be totally wrapped in wool.

Yes, I did sew all those little dots onto the skirt. That is my idea of fun!

Do you know what day it is today? My 8 year Blog Birthday! Wow- who could have imagined what an amazingly wonderful experience it has been for me. Thank you everyone who reads, contributes, buys my work- you are the best!

And, one more thing. Check out this amazing artwork by Sam Smith. And thanks so much Cusp for sending me the link!

girl in red

There is something special to me in these girl dolls. They can be the hardest and the most satisfying.

Her skirt is made out of dark red corduroy. It comes from a Laura Ashly dress that was my favorite all through the 80’s. There are so many pictures of me holding a baby, wearing the dress. Then it snagged on something sharp and ripped. I put it away, thinking I’d somehow figure out how to repair it. Now it is time to give it a new life.

victorian girl

sort of pseudo Victorian…

Here is an over-exposed photo that shows the embroidered belt and the antique buttons.

She has multiple layers of ruffles- inspired by some Amy Earles drawings, like this one. All the layers of skirts are cashmere.

Hook and eye closure at the waist-

And here she is with sailor girl, who I think of as being in a similar design vein. These 2 girls are made from the exact same pattern. Yes, the new girl stuffed up rather chubby!

Liberty girl

Liberty of London, that is. I used some of the Liberty fabric that I bought in Paris.

She is a girl with “stuff”.

She has a heathery purple cashmere sweater/jacket that buttons up the front-

Wool felt trim and pocket.

And an olive green bag that matches her collar-

and here she is, all put together.

The back, because I always want to see the back.

Collar detail-

and in the garden-

It is the end of July. Time to move on. Next week brings (a) my birthday and so the Mimi’s birthday giveaway! Check back here on Monday. And (b) away with the wool and pull out the toile so that I have some tattooed men for RenegadeCraft Chicago– which is in 6 weeks!

Wow- I just realized that this is #50 doll of 2010!