and a whole lot more!

I’ve gotten very distracted with these- I think I am up to a whole town now!


It was one of those, I just need to do one more, type of situations!


This one looks very fantasy suburbia to me-


Of course I needed a few more snow scenes-




And then this last one- it makes me laugh!


yes. Of these 5, this is the one I want to live in.


That is all the tiny worlds for now. I’ve cleared all the felt off my desk. I will be getting these into my Etsy shop soon, hopefully tonight. So many things to finish, so little time before SOWA Holiday Market!

23 thoughts on “and a whole lot more!

  1. I love your little world pin-cushions. Though the leaf house makes me smile, I love how you did the trees on the snow scene.

  2. LOVE your little village! Can I live in one of the Mushrooms?
    Of course, I love everything you make…they always make me smile and brighten my day!

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  4. You are amazing! I just finished a long slog of grading (5 days, 55 research papers of 8-10 pages each) and am reading my favorite blogs (yours, of course) for a nice quiet night of Let Down and Recover. And how wonderful to see such a lovely little Tiny World village. I hope you sell a bunch, because they are so charming. Have fun at SOWA!

  5. Oh, my goodness….I found your blog thanks to Salley Mavor today! I’m so happy with my new discovery! I love your houses. They are completely unique and make me want to go to the studio right now and make something! love, Beth

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  7. i would have to stay a week in each. thinking that maybe you could populate a whole christmas display village all on your own! they are wonderful.


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