more kitties

You probably thought that I would be done with these kitties once the pattern was finished. Well, I thought that anyway. But somehow, a few more need to be made.

The grey kitty needed a sister- special request.


And then I realized that the odd Benetton sweater I found at the thrift store a while back would be perfect for a kitty. And actually quite useless for anything else!


Can you see the yellow zigzags on the grey?




Next week at this time, I will be setting up my booth at the South End Holiday Market.  I will not list any new pieces in my Etsy shop until after the show (Monday, Dec. 14). If you see something in the next week that you feel you must have, just email me. Even though I am not listing them on Etsy, I am always thrilled to sell them!

6 thoughts on “more kitties

  1. Oh, how I adore your work! These kitties are just the sweetest things I have seen….next to your robots….and your circus folks. Do you ever do workshops south of the Mason-Dixon line ; )?

  2. Well, I haven’t got anything scheduled, but somebody should plan something! As of yet I haven’t ventured very far from my dining room :)

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